Accommodating the Needs of the Children and Families We Serve

Oct 16, 2013, 12:54 ET from The Children's Center of Wayne County

DETROIT, Oct. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Children's Center of Wayne County (TCC) is a recognized leader in the delivery of comprehensive children's services in metropolitan Detroit. Founded almost 85 years ago by U.S. Senator James Couzens, TCC has cultivated a remarkable history of service, compassion and results, helping children and families shape their own futures. Under the leadership of Debora Matthews, President & CEO, TCC is poised for continued growth in its core program areas.


As demand for TCC services continues to increase, TCC engaged in a comprehensive strategic planning process in 2012 to ascertain the organization's critical needs regarding its campus facilities.

A project task force comprised of TCC leadership, the Board of Directors, the Buildings and Grounds Committee, staff and clients, all collaborated with architectural consulting firm, Hamilton Anderson Associates, LLC, to develop a Campus Facilities Master Plan to guide important capital development decisions. The goal is to enable TCC to better facilitate its mission by providing much needed programs and services, and creating an inviting, accessible and functional environment with space and amenities for clients and staff.

One of the most pressing issues facing TCC daily is a lack of adequate parking for the clients it serves. Available parking in Midtown and particularly surrounding TCC has become a major obstacle due to the significant increase in new residents, employees, businesses and large-scale development projects.

Priorities identified in the planning process include a renewed and expanded central campus with additional areas for existing and emerging programs, as well as reserved free parking that is convenient, timely and safe for children and families.

The phases of the plan are envisioned as follows:

Phase I
Lobby Renovation.
Renovation of the lobbies at both 79 West Alexandrine and 101 East Alexandrine. Completed in Spring of 2013.

Wayfinding System. Install an easy-to-follow wayfinding system to help all campus visitors (pedestrian and vehicular traffic) not only understand their current location, but help quickly and easily guide them to their next appointment. Spring 2014.

Phase II
Additional Parking.
To better serve our vulnerable children and families, the 3956 Cass Street and 100 W. Alexandrine properties will be converted to gated, well-lighted parking lots. The goal is to alleviate some of the economic and transportation challenges faced by TCC clients that frequently result in missed appointments for treatment when parking is unavailable. Spring 2014.

Phase III
Ongoing Feasibility Study.
Currently undergoing a feasibility study to ensure the next steps are aligned with revisions to the Campus Facility Master Plan.

Tony Foust, TCC board member, a chair of the Building and Grounds, and a long-time friend and advocate for The Children's Center had the honor of taking the first strike at both properties (see photo). "The number one goal of our Campus Facility Master Plan is support the mission of The Children's Center. With everything we do, the first question we ask is 'does this support our mission?' If it doesn't, we don't do it," says Mr. Foust. "This is another milestone in supporting our mission to helping children and families shape their own futures."

TCC is an important contributor to the quality of life in Southeast Michigan by helping children and families shape their own futures. TCC is dedicated to excellence on behalf of each child and family served, while also contributing to a vibrant and healthy Midtown Detroit community.

SOURCE The Children's Center of Wayne County