Accordant Media Delivers 3,000th RTB Campaign, Sees Clients' Budgets Grow 4x-6x in 2012 as a Full-Service Trading Desk Partner

Industry Innovator Sees Continued Growth in RTB-driven Tactics in 2012

Feb 08, 2012, 14:04 ET from Accordant Media

NEW YORK, Feb. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Accordant Media, a New York-based, independent, RTB media-buying and optimization company, has delivered its 3,000th fully-managed media campaign in Q4, 2011. As the leading managed trading desk, Accordant continues to accelerate its business position by providing exchange-traded media services to marketers and agencies as an integrated, one-stop solution. Accordant targets and optimizes exchange-based media buys across display, video and mobile channels for its clients.


Accordant's specialization and knowledge has helped marketers overcome significant hurdles to deploying RTB media tactics. First, Accordant's technology tackles managing proprietary customer segment data throughout the entire engagement funnel, from targeted prospecting, to site visitor retargeting, to customer re-activation. Second, Accordant provides 100% transparent media costs and delivery information so clients learn true insights for broader media planning. Third, Accordant's full-service team handles campaign management, ad-ops troubleshooting and advising on the best strategies to match clients' campaign objectives, from branding engagement to performance.

The 3,000th campaign reflects Accordant's approach to utilizing algorithms aided by human intervention to achieve the best performance, pacing and insights possible. Accordant routinely bests algorithm-only solutions. By combining the capabilities a demand side platform (DSP) and a data management platform (DMP), Accordant's Audience Optics™ technology and service model makes the scale and efficiencies of RTB media tactics more accessible to marketers.

"In six out of six head-to-head "bake-offs" that clients initiated over the past two quarters to compare Accordant's performance to DSPs, Accordant fully-managed campaigns outperformed our competitors in each case," reported Art Muldoon, Co-founder and CEO.

Accordant is seeing more clients increasing their media budget allocations to RTB tactics in 2012. "After analyzing their initial campaigns, many of our clients who we've worked with for over six months are now spending 4x-6x more – RTB is that efficient and scalable," said Matt Greitzer, Co-founder and COO. "Also important, clients recognize the value Accordant provides as a full-service partner who is tuned to their goals yet doesn't get them bogged down in the complexities of managing a successful campaign."

Accordant anticipates 2012 to be an exciting year of continued business acceleration.

About Accordant Media

Accordant Media is an independent, on-demand media-buying and optimization specialist that makes audience targeting and biddable display media simpler and more effective for leading agencies and brand marketers.  Accordant's one-stop, turnkey service, helps marketers achieve targeted, efficient advertising in a repeatable and scalable manner across paid display, video, mobile and search media.  In a new complex era of cross-channel, exchange-traded media, Accordant employs both audience-based targeting as well as contextual targeting.  Accordant's innovative custom audience segmentation engine, Audience Optics™, exploits micro-segmentation, finely sculpted audience insights and dynamic inventory management to produce higher ROI and customer engagement/response rates.  This is done with any data set, without restrictions, helping clients gain access to dynamic inventory sources and deliver more targeted, relevant messages with 100% transparency.  Accordant Media is based in New York City. 


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