Accordant Media Releases Q3 Real-time Media (RTB) Market Pulse Report; Sees Robust Growth in Mobile and Display, Bot-net Filtering Eliminates 85% of Wasted Impressions

Programmatic Media Industry Turns Focus on Quality

Oct 23, 2013, 09:05 ET from Accordant Media

NEW YORK, Oct. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Accordant Media ( "Real-time Media Buying: Q3 Market Pulse" report released today shows that the growth rate of exchange-traded media impressions grew respectably during Q3 both globally as well as in North America.


Highlights of the report include:

  • Global volume growth of RTB ad inventory rebounded from flat growth in Q2. Impressions grew 27% vs. Q2 and were up 34% vs. Q3, 2012.
  • In mobile, iOS tablet inventory surged to comprise 60% of total iOS volume. Tablet ads also performed 6x better than smartphone for CPA campaigns.
  • Accordant Media partnered with ad verification company White Ops Media to detect and reduce the presence of bot-net traffic in RTB inventory. Results indicated that unfiltered RTB traffic can contain as much as 10.3% fraudulent traffic, while diligent management through active monitoring, blacklisting and other practices can reduce fraud nearly 85%.

Accordant's information utilizes aggregated data sets to showcase year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter trends. In Q3, Accordant's programmatic media buying system bid on ad impressions across 700,000+ sites spanning display, video, mobile and social (Facebook FBX) inventory on behalf of leading media agencies and direct marketing teams.  Accordant recently announced the availability of programmatic audio within its cross-channel solutions, and is currently rolling out programmatic TV as the automated media buying landscape expands.

"The programmatic industry is shifting towards an emphasis on quality of media and breadth of marketing solutions. Now that the marketplace offers proven scale with over 50 billion impressions daily, advertisers are understandably concerned about the quality of media where their ads appear." said Art Muldoon, Accordant Media Co-founder & CEO. "This quarter, through controlled testing environments with White Ops Media, we found randomly sampled run-of-exchange inventory to contain just over 10% suspicious activity. However, after implementing best-practice brand safety filters and dynamic blacklisting techniques, the level of potentially fraudulent traffic was reduced to less than 1.8%. These safeguards dramatically improve campaign results and block the bad actors from spoiling our industry's momentum."

"In addition to attention to inventory quality, this quarter advertisers also clearly focused their attention on new developments in mobile RTB," said Matthew Greitzer, Accordant Media Co-founder & COO. "Among iOS devices, the total ad share of tablets grew dramatically - from 43% in Q2 to 59% in Q3. Perhaps even more notable, with this growth we also saw that tablet ads out-performed mobile phone ads by 6X in achieving CPA (cost per acquisition) goals. The rapid pace of innovation in programmatic media is creating real value for mobile advertisers from targeting tablets to cross-screen audience engagement."

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Accordant Media is an independent, programmatic media-buying and optimization company that makes audience targeting and biddable display media simpler and more effective for leading agencies and brand marketers. Accordant helps digital advertisers achieve targeted, efficient and scalable campaigns across paid display, video, mobile, social, email, in-stream audio and out-of-home channels.  In a complex era of cross-screen, cross-channel, exchange-traded media, Accordant employs audience-based targeting, retargeting, contextual targeting, and dynamic creative tactics.  Its innovative custom audience segmentation engine, Audience Optics, exploits micro-segmentation, finely sculpted audience insights and dynamic inventory management to produce greater customer engagement and response rates.  This is done with any data set, without restrictions, and with 100% transparency - helping clients gain access to dynamic inventory sources and deliver more targeted, relevant messages.  Co-founded by digital agency execs Art Muldoon and Matt Greitzer, Accordant Media is based in New York City with offices in San Francisco and Boston. 

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