According to Landowner Ramon Eugenio Sanchez Ritchie: SEMPRA Continues to Defy Mexican Authorities by Maintaining the Mexican LNG Plant, Energia Costa Azul, Operational Despite Federal Order to Shut Down

Significant Irregularities Exist With Energia Costa Azul's LNG Permits Which Were Issued By A Public Official of the Environmental Agency (SEMARNAT)

Jun 23, 2010, 06:00 ET from Ramon Eugenio Sanchez Ritchie

SAN DIEGO, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Sempra's LNG, Mexican LNG Unit, Energia Costa Azul, has retained the services of a high priced lobbyist, after having failed to demonstrate and convince Public Officials of aiding them in their illegal acts, by maintaining open their LNG Unit in Mexico, which has remained operational for 6-days despite, being in contempt of a Federal Court Order issued June 17, 2010, states Costa Azul Rancher, Ramon Eugenio Sanchez Ritchie.

"Mr. Sanchez Ritchie will hold the company accountable for its actions in the United States of America, for the grave injustice that has been brought upon him and his family by Sempra, and its Mexican LNG Unit, Energia Costa Azul, as well as Officers, Accountants and their Managers, from both Mexico and United States," according to C.E. Cortes, spokesperson for Ramon Eugenio Sanchez Ritchie.

"As of today, neither Hulse nor his Mexican lawyers have ever provided one piece of solid evidence to support their claims or statements against Mr. Sanchez Ritchie," said C.E. Cortes.

"Despite Energia Costa Azul, having filed a grievance with the court, Mr. Sanchez Ritchie's Mexican legal team believes that the plant closure will occur next week because of the significant irregularities in the modification of the permits that the court found were petitioned irresponsibly by Sempra and subsequently issued by a corrupt officer of the Mexican Environmental Agency (SEMARNAT), to Sempra LNG's Energia Costa Azul. Mr. Sanchez Ritchie will be seeking all available remedies against this irresponsible officer of SEMARNAT," said C.E. Cortes.

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