According to the Luminosity Boomerang Consumer Study, Boomerangers Increasingly Make and Influence Household Purchase Decisions

Jun 02, 2010, 14:28 ET from Luminosity Marketing, Inc.

NEW YORK, June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Luminosity Marketing, announces the release of its Boomerang Consumer Study, a research effort that analyzed the lifestyles, values and purchasing habits of a consumer group known as Boomerangers. Boomerang consumers are defined as young adults who, after living away from home, have returned to live with their parents.

The study was conducted using the Luminosity Real-Time Lifestyle Map®, a proprietary research tool that deploys mobile phone technology to study consumer behavior. Real-Time Lifestyle Mapping provides consumer profile data based on responses consumers give during precise moments throughout the day. It captures their moods and perceptions during important timeframes, including work, school, social and family time.

The results of the study revealed some surprising insights that marketers can leverage to connect with this growing segment. Highlights of the Boomerang Consumer Study include:

  • Boomerangers don't fit the "slacker" stereotype as depicted by previous generations. Many of them (35%) are making what they consider to be a smart decision to move back home in order to save money for specific life goals.
  • Given that they are able to rely on their parents as a financial safety net, Boomerangers report generally happy moods and low stress levels throughout their daily lives.
  • Household decisions and purchases are increasingly being made by Boomerangers, rather than their parents. For example, 80% of the segment participates in purchasing groceries for the household.

"Boomerang consumers are emerging as a segment that marketers need to pay close attention to given their role in household decision making," said Luminosity President, Elizabeth Dolinski. "We are pleased that our Real-Time Lifestyle Map® revealed unique, authentic insights about them that we would have never uncovered in a focus group or traditional study."

Learn more about this study and the Real-Time Lifestyle Map®.

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