AccuStream Research: Digital Video Platforms, Processing, Optimization, Discovery And Recommendation Solutions Forecast At $1.12 Billion In 2012

Sep 26, 2012, 11:00 ET from AccuStream Research

SEASIDE, Calif., Sept. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital video platforms together with indispensable workflow encoding, transformation, optimization and discovery solutions are forecast to deliver $1.12 billion in 2012 revenue, advancing 33.8% over 2011, according to a comprehensive sector analytics report by AccuStream Research.

The report, Digital Video Platforms and Workflow Solutions 2012 - 2014, constructs a detailed sector analytics template, augmented by analysis of each core segment within it by product type and target market.

Video platforms selling into media, entertainment and the enterprise (online, mobile, VOD, IPTV and OTT) verticals include Brightcove, thePlatform, Kaltura, KIT Digital, LabOne, Octoshape, Anvato, Metrixstream and others.

Enterprise (on premises) specialists Kontiki, Ignite Technologies, Qumu, VBrick and Vidizmo are important elements of integrated platform analytics.

Processing, encoding and video transformation software grew topline revenue by 69% in 2011 and on course for a 38.4% uptick in 2012. This dynamic and highly competitive segment includes Conviva,, and eyeIO, Onstream Media, Origin Digital, Sorenson Media, Telestream, Vzaar and Wowza Media Systems.

The IPTV/VOD/OTT search, recommendation and navigation segment, combined with product video showcasing, engagement, advertising and ecommerce platforms bring together Digitalsmiths, RAMP, SundaySky, SnappyTV, Vimation and Taboola. 

The search, discovery and recommendation segment—as well as the entire sector--has undergone significant market position evolution and business model adjustments, producing a sharper product and target vertical account focus.

Productizing core competencies such as indexing, metadata generation and audience analytics into IPTV/VOD/OTT discovery tools that lead to better audience viewing experiences and longer session times has been a priority.

M & A activity across the sector continues to validate the intrinsic appeal of integrated platforms.

New entrants are coming to market with broadcast caliber products, either already supported by or angling for venture backing, while landing significant account wins (i.e. start-up video processing specialist eyeIO working with Netflix, video platform LabOne landing the Terra TV deal in Latin America).

This investor grade report offers due diligence class business model analyses, historical and forecast revenue, growth trajectories for each segment and company, along with comparative segment analytics.

AccuStream Research ( produces investor grade reports bridging digital video, audio, subscription, video advertising, video advertising networks, mobile advertising networks, CDN and integrated video platforms.

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