Acne Causes and Treatments Under the Spotlight

Mar 26, 2013, 08:09 ET from The Laser Treatment Clinic

LONDON, March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Acne treatment has been in the headlines in recent months as studies have been conducted into the causes of the condition and the therapies used to tackle it. The team at The Laser Treatment Clinic in London has read the recent developments in this key area of dermatology with interest and has some advice for sufferers.

A recent report in the Daily Mail suggested that a long-term study of the relationship between diet and acne found that high fat and high sugar diets were indeed related to the condition. This has inevitably led dermatologists and skin experts like those at The Laser Treatment Clinic to suggest that lifestyle changes represent a positive form of acne management.

Taking more exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet that does not rely too heavily on fat and sugar are considered the most positive changes to make.

However, another report regarding the treatment of acne has also surfaced this month. Dianette is one of the drugs used to tackle persistent and troublesome cases of acne, but as this report, also from the Daily Mail, indicates, the medication is now banned in several countries in Europe. Dianette has been linked to the deaths of a number of British women but the drug is still prescribed for severe skin complaints in the UK.

The team at The Laser Treatment Clinic is keen to point out that there is an alternative to intensive drug therapy when it comes to the treatment of active acne vulgaris and the scars left behind by the condition. Laser acne treatment and acne scar treatment are gaining popularity as successful and non-invasive means of diminishing breakouts of acne and reversing the damage historical breakouts do to the complexion.

These forms of treatment are available at The Laser Treatment Clinic and the clinic currently has a promotion in place offering considerable discounts on forms of laser therapy.

The Laser Treatment Clinic is based in Harley Street in London. The clinic was one of the very first advanced laser skin clinics to be founded in the capital and the team boasts over 13 years of experience in a wide range of treatment areas, including hair removal and scar treatment.

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