Acquisio Sets New Industry Standard in Optimization for PPC Bid and Budget Management

Acquisio has released a groundbreaking bid & budget management feature for search marketers that updates every 30 minutes, giving them unprecedented improvements in performance and superior budget management capabilities.

Jun 11, 2013, 09:00 ET from Acquisio

MONTREAL, June 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Acquisio, the award-winning performance media platform and leading provider of technology for marketers and agencies buying ads on any online channel, today announced a new feature that is set to revolutionize the way marketers manage their PPC accounts.

The new Bid & Budget Management algorithms run continuously, throughout the day, on every single campaign and ad group. Acquisio's 30 minute update cycles mean that, on average, the product makes multiple decisions per second. This allows marketers to take full advantage of intraday inefficiencies in the auction in order to effectively decrease their CPA, maximize conversion volume, and increase spend control with more power and authority than ever before.

Performance Improvement
The Bid & Budget Management algorithms are used to optimize CPA or CPC. During the pre-launch test period, Acquisio has optimized more than 150 accounts, with thousands of campaigns of all sizes, and has observed results oscillating between 20% and 80% decrease in CPA, often multiplying conversion volume by 2X or more. Positive results are typically observed in a matter of days.

Spend Control
One of the keys to success in search marketing is accurate cross-campaign budget allocation based on individual merit. The Bid & Budget Management algorithms are continuously monitoring campaign performance and steadily adjusting daily budgets based on observed performance. As a result, weekly and monthly budgets are met with far greater precision than ever possible before and, at the same time, customers observe an increase in conversion volume and a decrease in CPA.  Acquisio has observed a delta on monthly spend vs budget of less than 0.01%, with a standard deviation of well below 1%, numbers which, until now, have been unheard of in the search marketing world.

Near Real-Time Bid and Budget Management
Changes to budgets and bid prices are made throughout the day, reflecting the observed performance for the previous 30 minute period, instead of reacting to what happened the day before.

"In the world of Finance, technology has evolved quickly to make decisions in near real-time in reaction to unexpected events that have immediate impact on the performance of a stock portfolio. Obviously, the same should apply to a marketing campaign. In fact we have seen a lot of this in RTB for display advertising," said Martin Le Sauteur, President and CEO of Acquisio. "No respectable stock broker uses yesterday's news to manage their stock portfolio. However in search marketing, this is how all other bid management platforms operate today."

In addition, the system allows marketers to effectively plan for seasonal periods ahead of time, allocating budgets and targets for any group of campaigns, over any period of time.

"We've made it simple for marketers to use this system," said Tracy Smith, Acquisio's CMO. "There is no need to change account structure or deploy new tags, meaning that anyone interested in taking advantage of this system can get up and running very quickly, with very little investment in time or energy."

Bruce Clay, one of the most influential figures in the search industry has announced PPC CPA optimization service in tandem with BBM's release. "Acquisio's BBM technology revolutionizes PPC campaign bid management through its unprecedented control and automated adjustments," said Bruce Clay, president of Bruce Clay, Inc. "We look forward to providing the human expertise and oversight to wield such powerful tools as service partners of the Acquisio technology."

Acquisio's Bid & Budget Management algorithms are the result of more than six years of focused research and development efforts performed by ScienceOps, which was acquired by Acquisio in August 2012. The algorithms can operate independently of the rest of the Acquisio platform, and are fully compatible with all so called "enterprise-level" bid management platforms.

Anyone interested in learning more about this new feature is encouraged to visit and ask for a demonstration.

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