ACT Foundation And Institute for the Future Reimagine The Future Of Learning

The 36-hour interactive experience, imagined by ACT Foundation and designed by IFTF's Jane McGonigal, brings together students, workers, teachers, innovators, and game designers to reinvent the way we learn

Mar 07, 2016, 10:32 ET from ACT Foundation

AUSTIN, Texas, March 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 8, ACT Foundation and renowned game designer and Institute for the Future futurist Jane McGonigal will launch Learning is Earning 2026: a 36-hour interactive forecasting experience that re-imagines the future of learning – a new reality where, instead of going into debt for a college degree, students are paid to learn.

Today, 3.2 million low-income students are limited in their options for working and learning; they work long hours while in school or college, often in jobs that are unrelated to their studies.

Learning is Earning 2026 foresees an emerging reality where disruptive technologies enable students to earn while acquiring in-demand market skills and competencies. Players envision a future where, by 2026, working and learning are fused, creating increased education and economic opportunities—and then are asked to imagine what happens next.

Learning is Earning 2026 will bring together more than 1,000 leaders and innovators in educational design and technology who will join students and teachers to reinvent a smarter, more integrated, and equitable reality for all working learners.

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    Game starts 3/8/16 at 9:00a.m., CST and ends 3/9/16 at 9:00p.m., CST.
  • SXSWedu: Visit SXSWedu Expo booth #301 on 3/8/16 at the Austin Convention Center. 

Parminder Jassal, Executive Director, ACT Foundation

"We are entering an exciting new economy where learning is driving earning power. We know that nearly 50 percent of high school students and 75 percent of post-secondary students are already working, and that the majority of low-income students work 30 hours or more each week. It's imperative that we make stronger connections between working and learning to ensure that our young people are prepared for work, can be inspired to engage in life, and are fairly compensated for their efforts."

Jane McGonigal, Director of Games Research, Institute for the Future:

"Future forecasting games are an incredibly effective way to generate surprising ideas and stimulate creativity to solve some of the world's most pressing problems. Learning Is Earning 2026 helps us imagine a world, ten years in the future, where learning has become a kind of currency that ties together every aspect of our lives. This game scenario is designed to help us think about this future together to find out what's possible."

About ACT Foundation

ACT Foundation is a national nonprofit dedicated to helping young people achieve education and workplace success. Working with today's business, education, and philanthropy leaders, as well as tomorrow's visionaries, ACT Foundation invests in research, programs, and partner networks to increase educational and economic opportunity, particularly for low income, high-school, college, and young adult students that work while learning toward a degree or certificate. 

About Institute for the Future

Institute for the Future (IFTF) is an independent, non-profit research organization based in Silicon Valley, California. Our mission is to help organizations, communities, and individuals think systematically about the future. IFTF has a 47-year track record of pioneering tools and methods for building foresight, and we are the world's first and oldest organization dedicated to bringing the skills and benefits of future forecasting to the public. For more information, visit:

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