Active Trading In SwingPlane Ventures As Company Hits New High: Small Cap Volume Watch Ahead Of The Bell: Nokia Corp, AMR Corp, Green Innovations, Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Feb 22, 2013, 08:12 ET from

LONDON, February 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Shares in Swingplane Ventures finally had a pullback in trading after the stock started trading to the downside before heavy volume came into the name pushed it down either further. The stock has been on a strong run with shares rising around 500% in price over the last few weeks, however eventually these trades are bound to pull back at some point with many investors having made large potential trading profits.  We will continue to track shares of Swingplane Ventures to see if the stock can recover going into the weekend and into next week's trading on Wall Street.  The company was lower by 53% on $38 million in volume traded.

Joy Global (NY: JOY) traded more than double the normal average volume on speculation that Swedish Firm Atlas Copco may be sniffing around for a value buy.  Joy global (NY: JOY) shares trade on the NYSE and have been the subject of much speculation over the last year that the company could be a potential takeover target.

Shares in AMR Corp climbed back a further 5% after a min pull back in the previous day's trading.  The company is still trading extremely heavy volume compared to its normal trading average obviously due to the ongoing closing of its merger with US Airways.  AMR Corp traded over $45 million today making it the largest volume trade in the over the counter market.

It really goes to show that if you do your research there are substantial profits to be made trading over the counter stocks and in the case of AMR Corp even a company in bankruptcy has ended up becoming a positive winner for many traders.  Even in the case of Swingplane Ventures whose shares were cut in half today

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Green Innovations made it three big down days in a row and it looks like hope for that company to trade back in the short term are unlikely.  Green Innovations is another example of a stock which gave potential for bug triple digit gains; however shares have been taken apart over the last 3 trading sessions. Shares were lower by 32% to close the session yesterday.

Medical Marijuana also follows through on previous day's losses with its shares pulling back 23% on over $8 million trading in the stock.  The stock still remains getting a lot of press surrounding the stock however the volume and price performance has suffered also this last week.

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