ActiveVideo and BrightLine partner to accelerate reach of connected TV advertising experiences to set-tops and connected devices

Partnership launches with major consumer financial and cosmetics brands; offers unrivaled expansion of "connected" footprint for interactive advertising campaigns across any TV platform

Jan 06, 2014, 09:00 ET from ActiveVideo

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- ActiveVideo® and BrightLine today announced a strategic partnership that is designed to accelerate the availability of Web-style interactive TV advertising on cable, satellite, IPTV set-top boxes and connected devices.

The two companies bring two-plus decades of combined experience in their respective fields to create this first of its kind, HTML5-based solution which will run across any device -- cable, telco, connected or otherwise.  This integrated offer combines ActiveVideo's CloudTV™ AdCast, an interactive ad distribution software platform for pay-TV providers, with BrightLine's next-gen connected TV ad products for advertisers and agencies. The joint offering ensures consistency and depth of advertising experience on all devices, while meeting advertisers' needs for standards-based content creation, simplicity of distribution and measurability.

The partnership is intended to drive rapid expansion of rich advertising experiences to large installed footprints overnight, while opening up expanded revenue opportunities for relevant platforms using the core competencies of both organizations:

  • BrightLine's industry leading interactive TV ad solutions arm advertisers and agencies with the tools they need to create, deploy and measure interactive advertising campaigns on TV, making their TV ad dollars work harder. Connectivity, and HTML5 represent the next generation of BrightLine's TV ad products enabling enhanced functionality including social connectivity, real-time analytics and optimization, back-end CRM integration, dynamic content, and commerce.
  • ActiveVideo's CloudTV AdCast provides service providers, connected device manufacturers and other ad inventory owners with the tools and framework to distribute secure interactive ad experiences consistently at scale across managed and unmanaged networks and devices. A Data Manager collects data and metrics that can be fed to any analytics engine.
  • CloudTV AdCast complements BrightLine's portfolio by allowing platforms with under-powered HTML5 support to almost overnight leap-frog to the forefront and bring these next-generation ad products to entire footprints of existing connected and non-connected devices.

BrightLine and ActiveVideo are already working collaboratively, bringing targeted, measureable and interactive HTML5-based experiences for BrightLine clients to an expanding array of connected devices.  At CES, ActiveVideo is demonstrating in a private suite at the Renaissance Las Vegas hotel how the partnership is already delivering the same HTML5-based experiences created once to a diversity of viewing platforms without native HTML5 support, including pay-TV set-top boxes and other connected CE devices. 

"Smart and connected TVs have unleashed a demand from consumers, marketers, content creators and distributors, alike, for television experiences enriched by web-like interactivity and rich video," said Jacqueline Corbelli, Founder, Chairman and CEO of BrightLine.  "ActiveVideo's solution accelerates our company's mass roll out of next-gen connected, HTML5-powered ad experiences across platforms and screens."

"BrightLine's technology and data-driven approaches have helped to address a key impediment to the growth of interactive TV advertising: the fragmentation and limitations of connected devices," said Jeff Miller, President and CEO of ActiveVideo.  "By rendering ads in the cloud, rather than in individual devices, we can expedite creation of a truly universal marketplace for pay-TV operators and connected device manufacturers in which interactive TV advertisers can reach every STB or connected device, while reducing development costs and time-to-market."

Available on more than 10 million devices in the United States and abroad, CloudTV is being used to improve and expand user experiences for multiple pay-TV providers -- including Charter Communications, Liberty Global, Cablevision Systems, Ziggo, Oceanic Time Warner Cable and others – as well as a multi-stage trial with Comcast.  CloudTV also is powering advanced user experiences on Philips-brand NetTVs and Roku devices.

About BrightLine
BrightLine is the lead innovator and global provider of rich media solutions on TV, for the entertainment and advertising industries. BrightLine's universal design and execution framework is fueled by data-driven experiences proven to increase consumer engagement, brand recall, purchase intent, and sales. With over 500 executed programs in over 90 million households, the company transforms passive 30-second commercials into dynamic, superior video for rich viewer-driven brand interactions. BrightLine's proprietary IQ™ software suite aggregates consumer behavior trends and historical results to inform the design implementation of integrated advertising experiences. BrightLine's platform agnostic solutions launch across all connected and legacy television platforms, including cable and satellite, telecom companies, gaming consoles, connected televisions, smartphones, and tablets. Learn more about how BrightLine is revolutionizing advertising at

About ActiveVideo
ActiveVideo® is a Silicon Valley company that harnesses the power of the cloud to accelerate multi-platform television experiences. The company's anchor technology enables Pay-TV Operators, Online Video Providers and connected device Manufacturers to deliver advanced user experiences – irrespective of device dependencies -- by rendering the UI in the cloud. The company's flagship platform – CloudTV™-- frees the service provider from device dependencies that limit reach and fragment user experiences across diverse device platforms. Using a "write once, deploy everywhere" approach, CloudTV eliminates the need to write content services, advertising and T-commerce applications for countless device makes and models, resulting in lower operational cost and faster time to market. ActiveVideo is based in San Jose, CA, with offices in Los Angeles and Hilversum, the Netherlands. For more information, visit; find us at; follow us at

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