'Actuary' Rated Nation's Best Job in New CareerCast.com Jobs Rated Report

Jan 05, 2010, 06:00 ET from CareerCast.com

CARLSBAD, Calif., Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Actuary - someone who deals with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty - claimed the honor of "best job" in the new CareerCast.com 2010 Jobs Rated Report released today. Roustabout edged out last year's worst job, Lumberjack, to fall to the bottom of the rankings.

The Jobs Rated Report is an in-depth review of 200 U.S. professions that ranks them on work environment, income, outlook, stress and physical demands.

Actuary is rated as one of the least physically demanding jobs with little stress, great outlook for employment and income growth, and favorable work environment. Rounding out the top five best jobs are Software Engineer, Computer Systems Analyst, Biologist and Historian, while Roustabout, Lumberjack, Ironworker, Dairy Farmer and Welder were at the bottom. Why did so many white-collar jobs come out ahead?

According to Tony Lee, publisher of the CareerCast.com 2010 Jobs Rated Report, the jobs that ranked near the top not only pay well, but also have the greatest potential for growth as the economy rebounds.

"Conversely, Roustabout is the nation's worst job since it's dangerous, pays about $31,000 per year and has a negative outlook for future growth," explains Mr. Lee.

Some jobs didn't make the top of the list once other aspects of the position were factored in. "Surgeon, the highest-paying job, ranked toward the bottom when you evaluate its stress levels, physical demands and work environment," Mr. Lee says.

To see the full rankings of all 200 jobs and the study's methodology, go to www.CareerCast.com or http://www.JobsRated.com.

Best Jobs in 2010 and How They Fared in 2009:

    1. Actuary (up 1)
    2. Software Engineer (up 3)
    3. Computer Systems Analyst (up 3)
    4. Biologist (no change)
    5. Historian (up 2)
    6. Mathematician (down 5)
    7. Paralegal Assistant (up 10)
    8. Statistician (down 5)
    9. Accountant (up 1)
    10. Dental Hygienist (up 35)

Worst Jobs in 2010 and How They Fared in 2009:

    200. Roustabout (down 8)
    199. Lumberjack (up 1)
    198. Ironworker (down 7)
    197. Dairy Farmer (up 2)
    196. Welder (down 3)
    195. Garbage Collector (down 1)
    194. Taxi Driver (up 4)
    193. Construction Worker (down 3)
    192. Meter Reader (down 13)
    191. Mail Carrier (down 2)

SOURCE CareerCast.com