AdaptiveMobile Protects More than One-Half of US Mobile Users

Feb 25, 2013, 01:00 ET from AdaptiveMobile

BARCELONA, Mobile World Congress, February 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

 Rapid adoption of 4G devices and high data use fuel mobile security leader's growth in the region

AdaptiveMobile, the world leader in mobile security, now protects more than 137 million US smartphone users, which equals more than half of all smartphone users in the country.[1] U.S. smartphone users are facing threats that are compound and cross-border, and include malware, viruses, SMS spam, and attacks on applications and mobile social media. The Company made the announcement at the start of Mobile World Congress, where it is hosting a panel on 'Protecting the Borderless Network' with speakers including Verizon, PCCW and Syniverse.

AdaptiveMobile credits its rise in the United States to a number of factors, including its deep understanding of the carrier market, the rapid adoption of smartphones in the United States, an increase in spam in the US market due to the low cost to text, and a fast-growing rate of mobile application adoption and use.

At the base of AdaptiveMobile's growth in the United States is its history of working closely with the carriers to identify and prevent threats. Since 2003, AdaptiveMobile has provided a security continuum that has grown to encompass a diverse number of phone and device types as well as expanded to meet Net Neutrality laws that make filtering content on a granular level a necessity.

The United States has also experienced a marked increase in mobile spam, due in part to offering some of the lowest rates in the world for unlimited texting. US carriers have needed to be on the forefront of filtering text message spam, or risk dissatisfied customers and having their network traffic blocked by foreign operators.

Finally, the United States is among the world leaders in mobile application adoption and use. Analytics firm Flurry estimates that the average US smartphone user spends 127 minutes a day on applications, and the security weaknesses for many of these programs is well-documented. For the carrier, security weaknesses in Android application stores that do not have thorough security screenings, as well as malware that targets all operating systems to charge fees can result in excessive customer care calls. Whether the customer calls to complain about unexplained charges or strange device behavior, the results are usually the same with the carrier absorbing the charges to keep the customer satisfied. AdaptiveMobile helps the carriers identify and deflect the malware before it reaches the consumer level.

"The United States is a land of innovation for smartphones and the world leader in mobile data usage," says Brian Collins, CEO, AdaptiveMobile. "To sustain this growth, subscribers need to feel they are safe from all known threats regardless of device type, operating system, application use, or network bearer. The AdaptiveMobile company mission is to ensure this innovation and growth can continue by making the carriers as secure as they can be."


About AdaptiveMobile:

AdaptiveMobile is the world leader in mobile security, enabling trusted networks for the world's largest operator groups and protecting one in six subscribers globally. AdaptiveMobile provides Operators with the most comprehensive network-based security solutions enabling them to protect their consumer and enterprise customers against the growing threat of mobile abuse.


1. This number from mobiThinking refers to the 256 million 3G and 4G smartphone and other device users in the United States, tallied in 2012.

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SOURCE AdaptiveMobile