ADARA Networks and Extreme Networks Join Forces to Deliver Industry-leading Cloud and SDN Services Choreography and Infrastructure Orchestration through Extreme Networks' Technology Solutions Partner Program

Interoperability of ADARA Networks' DLSP-enabled SKY SDN Controller, CloudFabric Cloud Management Platform and Service Level Agreement Manager with Extreme Networks' SDN solutions enables enterprises to unlock full benefits of SDN

Sep 09, 2015, 11:00 ET from ADARA Networks

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ADARA Networks®, a global software company in the cloud computing and software-defined networking (SDN) space, today announced that ADARA and Extreme Networks are collaborating to deliver interoperability between Extreme Networks' SDN solutions and ADARA's Dynamic Link State Protocol (DLSP)-enabled SKY Controller, CloudFabric Cloud Management Platform and Service Level Agreement Manager. Unique to ADARA, DLSP enables performance guarantee-based services choreography and infrastructure orchestration solutions.

The integration of ADARA's landmark DLSP-enabled SDN solutions with Extreme Networks' SDN Platform is through Extreme Networks' Technology Solutions Partner (TSP) Program. Extreme Networks partners with leading technology innovators to develop unique solutions that solve real-world problems.  With the company's technology partners, Extreme Networks leverages an open, standards-based SDN platform to create solutions for management, security, analytics, UC, mobility, and more, with the goal of enabling IT to better support business objectives.

"ADARA is proud to be selected to collaborate with Extreme Networks on SDN solutions and to be part of Extreme Networks' ecosystem of cloud computing and SDN leaders; ADARA believes this partnership makes a statement to the industry," said Eric Johnson, Chairman and CEO, ADARA Networks. "Extreme Networks' SDN Platform addresses customer needs by providing an open, standards-based model integrated with industry-leading technology innovations, such as those uniquely available in ADARA's products. In our view, Extreme Networks' data center switching technologies have a large installed base, with annual shipments that rank among industry leaders, and are particularly well-suited for software upgrades of both Extreme Software and ADARA performance-based SDN applications and cloud software." 

"Extreme Networks believes customers should be able to migrate their existing networks to SDN without expensive forklift upgrades," said Eric Broockman, Vice President and CTO, Extreme Networks. "By integrating ADARA's unique and open SDN technologies with Extreme Networks' SDN Platform, we are offering a more robust SDN solution and OpenStack integration that demonstrate the full benefits of SDN."

ADARA Dynamic Link State Protocol: DLSP
ADARA's DLSP is unique to ADARA and is the most advanced networking software ever engineered. Based upon industry response, ADARA DLSP is being readied as a standard in networking and computing. Enabling real-time, performance-based cloud computing and networking through cloud software and SDN applications, DLSP possesses features, functionality, performance and scale unmatched by any other company today.

ADARA CloudFabric Cloud Management Platform, Integrated with OpenStack
The industry's only true zero-touch, fully automated cloud management platform, the ADARA CloudFabric Cloud Management Platform enables automated bare metal server and virtual machine discovery, attachment and provisioning, auto-discovery and auto-configuration of ADARA Axis Cloud Switches, auto-configuration in any topology and event-based auto re-configuration of any switch, host, or topology in response to any changes including performance, topological or infrastructure changes. ADARA CloudFabric is the only solution on the market that enables auto-VM migration and concurrent auto-provisioning of both the overlay (virtual) network and the underlay (physical network) based on real-time ADARA DLSP computed network state and performance. ADARA's solution ends the issues of data center and network congestion created by elephant flows resulting from existing unintelligent VM migration schemes.

ADARA DLSP-enabled SKY SDN Controller
The ADARA DLSP-enabled SKY SDN Controller is a hyper-scalable, fault-tolerant, distributed SDN Controller using Open Flow 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, OVSDB and more. It uniquely empowers performance guarantee-based virtual and physical cloud networking and computing, virtual and physical port modification, auto-recognition of switch status, auto-generation of Open Flow rules based on real-time ADARA DLSP computed network performance, which can be based upon any metrics, including path latency, path utilization, bandwidth and path quality, as well as any other definable metrics important to both packet and optical systems. The controller is 100% programmable through defined RESTful APIs.

About ADARA Networks
ADARA Networks is an industry-leading developer of production-ready, open standard, vendor-neutral Layer 2-7 software-defined networking (SDN), cloud computing and networking solutions. ADARA's solutions are uniquely enabled by ADARA's DLSP, WILD and GOLD. 

ADARA SDN is a complete end-to-end solution including cloud switching and routing software, cloud management platforms, SDN applications and software and network functions virtualization (NFV), including virtual routing, WAN optimization and WAN routing. ADARA SDN also delivers ADARA DLSP-enabled path computation engines for Layer 0-7 packet optical integrations, ADARA Service Level Agreement (SLA) management software for performance guarantee-based network monitoring and management, ADARA zero-touch real-time discovery and configuration, ADARA dynamic security, services choreography and infrastructure orchestration. ADARA's advanced  cloud and SDN software solutions empower enterprise customers to develop new revenue streams and increase net profits and return on investment (ROI). For more information, please visit

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