Adchemy Launches New Product For Retailers To Dominate Product Listing Ads

New Adchemy eBook Reveals Dozens of Best Practices to Improve Performance of PLA Campaigns

Apr 29, 2013, 08:00 ET from Adchemy, Inc.

AMELIA ISLAND, Fla., April 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SEARCH INSIDER SUMMIT -- Adchemy®, Inc. today announced Adchemy for Products™, a new Software-as-a-Service solution designed to radically simplify the process of advertising on Product Listing Ads (PLAs). In addition, Adchemy has launched a comprehensive eBook, "The Definitive Guide to PLAs:  Going Beyond the Merchant Feed" featuring 24 best practices designed to help retailers improve the scale and effectiveness of their PLA campaigns.

The growth of PLAs has created new opportunities for savvy retailers by providing an ad format that is more accessible, informative and visually rich for consumers. Use of PLAs by marketers is growing at a rate of more than 600 percent, with some marketers shifting more than 30 percent of their paid search spend to the new channel, according to Search Engine Watch.

Despite rapid growth in PLAs, search marketers are struggling to intelligently scale their PLA marketing efforts. To participate in PLAs, marketers currently employ highly manual processes that are difficult to scale and hampered by difficult-to-use tools. By enriching merchants' data feeds and automating the process of building highly-targeted PLA campaigns, Adchemy for Products enables merchants to scale their PLA campaigns and profitably grow market share.

"PLAs are the next step in evolving paid search beyond keywords. Figuring out how to succeed in PLAs is critical for any online retailer," said Kartik Ramakrishnan, senior vice president and general manager, Adchemy. "Adchemy for Products, based on the Adchemy IntentGraph, completely reinvents how paid search campaigns are created and managed.  We're enabling search marketers to dramatically improve the scalability and effectiveness of their PLA campaigns, all via a stunningly elegant user experience. Adchemy for Products will accelerate and expand the PLA market."

Adchemy for Products:  Features and Benefits
Adchemy for Products provides a powerful, easy-to-use platform that allows SEM teams to deploy and manage large-scale PLA programs, automate bid management, enhance PLA ad relevance and streamline PLA campaign performance monitoring. Adchemy for Products offers marketers the following capabilities:

  • Easy-to-use merchant feed management and enrichment –  Uploads a marketer's entire product catalog quickly and easily, with the ability to include or exclude individual products or groups of products. Leverages crawls of a merchant's website and complementary data sources to automatically verify, enhance and add product attributes.
  • Highly granular product targets and ad groups – Automates the creation of product targets and ad groups for each individual SKU, giving marketers maximum control and targetability with their promotional text and bids.
  • Ad templates –  Publishes highly relevant promotional copy across thousands of ad groups in just a few clicks that can be edited in real-time and previewed prior to publishing.
  • ROI-based budget management – Enables marketers to set budgets across PLA campaigns based on goals, avoid stale budget, and achieve optimal budget allocation across campaigns, product categories and lines of business to maximize ROI.
  • Algorithmic bid management  Manages bids across PLA campaigns based on a target CPA, ROAS, traffic, or maximum revenue. Intelligently shares data across similar products and attributes sold by the merchant to generate more accurate bids faster.
  • Easy-to-understand performance reports – Allows marketers to view PLA performance not just by ad groups and campaigns, but also by their store's taxonomy, enabling them to communicate PLA performance more clearly and make better decisions.
  • Performance insights – Synthesizes performance data into insights and recommendations for proactive campaign management and decisions. Alerts provide performance results with suggested areas for improvement, including the ability to easily accept recommendations and make changes on the fly.

Adchemy for Products is powered by the Adchemy IntentGraph.  The Adchemy IntentGraph is a proprietary graph representation of retail products, their attributes, and consumer intents from queries that relate to those products (e.g., "small," "heavy" and "cheap"). The Adchemy IntentGraph enables our software to enrich merchant data feeds, intelligently automate otherwise manual processes, improve the relevance of promotional text, bid more accurately and faster, and generate predictive insights.


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