Adconion Direct Creates Industry Standard for Targeted Video Advertising

New Guaranteed In-Audience Delivery Assures Video Campaigns Always Reach Their Target Audience

May 21, 2013, 07:00 ET from Adconion Direct

SAN DIEGO and NEW YORK, May 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Adconion Direct (, an industry leader in cross channel digital advertising spanning display, video, mobile, email and social media, announced the launch of their Guaranteed In-Audience Delivery aimed specifically at solving today's inefficiencies in video advertising. This is the latest innovation from Adconion Direct that guarantees video campaigns will reach their intended audience and fills a major void in today's online ad marketplace. This news follows the announcement of their In-View product in February 2013 which guarantees total audience reach in display advertising. 

Guaranteed In-Audience Delivery is a major breakthrough in online video advertising as it ensures that advertisers only pay for impressions served to their specific target audience.  Adconion Direct has partnered with Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings and comScore Validated Campaign Essentials to validate this delivery guarantee.   In addition, Adconion Direct covers client's ad serving fees for any impressions served outside of the target audience.

"In today's ever-changing digital landscape, we are committed to providing advertisers innovative solutions with a higher level of efficiency and transparency than ever before," said Adconion Direct CEO Kim Reed Perell.   In a 2012 comScore charter study, 52% of impressions were found to be delivered out of advertisers' target audience.  In the current marketplace, even competitive products optimizing audience composition only result in around 25-50% in-audience impressions. With consumers now spending more time online, using multiple devices, often at the same time, advertisers can now no longer assume that their delivery is reaching the right audience.  

Adconion Direct guarantees that an advertiser only pays for ads that are in their target demographic. Advertisers and agencies are seeing this as an opportunity to reduce media wastage and increase the impact of their ads to drive better performance. 

"Adconion's cross channel platform enables us to understand audiences better and target more efficiently," said Robin Zieme, Vice President of Video for Adconion Direct. "The valuable audience insights garnered from our platform provides advertisers with a unique pricing metric that truly delivers efficiency in online video with Guaranteed In-Audience." 

The lines between TV and Digital are blurring.  New digital metrics and pricing options allow planners to truly evaluate the channels most efficient to reach their audience. Guaranteed In-Audience Delivery leverages Adconion Direct's first party data to increase reach while giving advertisers the tools to craft efficient plans without the waste in traditional media. Adconion Direct is helping this shift towards an audience centric buying strategy by allowing advertisers to reach their specific target audience wherever they may be online.  

"We are seeing advertisers and agencies begin to focus their buying strategies around Guaranteed In-Audience, and that is easily translated into TRPs comparable to traditional media.  We, and more importantly, our advertisers, are thrilled with the impact and efficiencies our campaigns are delivering to major worldwide brands in CPG, Travel and Retail," said Michael Parkes, SVP of North American Sales for Adconion Direct. "We are confident that we are developing the right products and features to lead the industry into the future." 

About Adconion Direct
Adconion Direct ( is a global provider of cross channel digital advertising solutions, delivering performance at scale for advertisers across display, video, mobile, email and social channels. The cross channel platform is powered by an end-to-end proprietary technology solution, and audience profiling engine that tracks and analyzes billions of audience events monthly.  By combining exclusive first-party data and cross channel insights with proprietary technology and predictive optimization algorithms, Adconion Direct is able to deliver quality results across multiple channels and devices.

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