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SINGAPORE, Nov. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Media Particle, a provider of psychology-centric online content, has launched ("Mothernist"), a website dedicated to the myriad issues that concern women - more notably, mothers – such as the benefits of bilingual teaching for children, balancing work and parenthood, and tips on maintaining health and wellness pre- and post-pregnancy. Not to be confused with a magazine site, Mothernist is an on-demand online resource point that was spearheaded and is managed by psychologist and accredited therapist and counsellor, Dr Julie Goldstein. One of the key aims of Mothernist is to foster and encourage discussion and mutual help among its readers. Mothernist also offers the option of web-based private therapy and counselling. The site is currently in English and there are plans to offer its contents in Bahasa Indonesia in the near future.

Dr Goldstein said, "Modernity brings with it a hustle and bustle that can be said to be peculiar to our contemporary times. The modern woman is subject to tensions that are a result of a multiplicity of roles that has developed over the years. A woman's many roles include that of spouse, mother, caregiver, employee, business owner, educator and friend. The resultant tensions that arise can make a woman feel disjointed."

Information on Mothernist is presented primarily in the form of video, a format that maximises accessibility and heightens feelings of immediate and ongoing contact and support. Dr Goldstein added, "Such accessibility is particularly relevant to fast-paced lifestyles that can feel almost transient. We aim to address that issue with our video format and content."

Mothernist also offers users with the option of web-based therapy and counselling, the most significant benefit of which would be anonymity. Dr Goldstein said, "Seeking help through therapy or counseling carries with it certain social and cultural stigmas, particularly here in Asia. Our vision for Mothernist is to develop a community of 'mothernists' who are open to discussing the issues that concern them and to sharing their experiences with others. In addition, we would like to encourage more people to consider therapy and counseling as a means of resolution. With Mothernist, we hope to raise more awareness about the importance of mental health and well-being."

About – "Well Being For The Modern Woman"

Launched on 2 September 2013 by psychology-centric content company, Media Particle, ("Mothernist") provides psychology-driven media content for young mothers. Mothernist explores the issues that concern women, notably mothers, and provides content in the form of short video clips and insightful articles. Mothernist also offers an optional therapy platform that is accessible and non-intrusive. Mothernist is currently available in English, which caters to English-speaking territories in Asia including Singapore, Hong Kong and India, as well as the expatriate community in overseas markets such as Australia, the UK and US. Mothernist will be available in Bahasa Indonesia in the near future. Media Particle and Mothernist are managed from Singapore.

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