AdelaVoice's StartTalking Enables More Android Apps to be Eyes- and Hands-Free

StartTalking Developer Program Provides a Free, Turnkey Platform to Drive-Time-Enable Mobile Applications

Oct 19, 2010, 08:02 ET from AdelaVoice

BOSTON, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- AdelaVoice, the developer of StartTalking, the award-winning eyes- and hands-free mobile phone solution, today launched the StartTalking Mobile Application Developer Program. The new effort provides developers with a fast, free way to add a voice-driven user interface to their applications by leveraging StartTalking, the world's first cross-carrier eyes- and hands-free texting solution.

The program's first participant is chompSMS, which is using StartTalking to "drive-time-enable" its popular and highly rated Android SMS application to address the growing concern around distracted driving. In addition, chompSMS includes native support for StartTalking's Voice Texts within an SMS based conversation stream allowing someone to listen or reply to messages received.

"Integrating a complete eyes- and hands-free texting solution would seem like an enormous task. Not so!" said Martin Cantwell, Co-Founder and President of Product Development for chompSMS. "Through our partnership with AdelaVoice, it simply took a few hours of integration work, and everything worked seamlessly first time. What a great concept, well implemented and all thanks to the team at AdelaVoice!"

The StartTalking Mobile Application Developer program enables Android developers to minimize distracted driving while targeting a wide variety of on-the-go user activities, including:

  • Composing, sending and receiving SMS messages while driving
  • Using only voice to select contacts to place and receive calls from the phone's native dialer or via third-party apps
  • Launching and updating GPS and other location-based apps while driving, walking or biking
  • Updating their social or business network status without taking their phone out of their pocket or purse
  • Scheduling an appointment with a calendar application
  • Updating contacts
  • Launching and tuning Internet radio apps while jogging
  • Switching exercise apps to the next program
  • and much more ....

StartTalking is the world's first mobile messaging application that lets motorists keep their eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel. The new StartTalking Mobile Application Developer Program gives Android developers access to a turnkey technology portfolio, including a voice user interface that defines the grammar and messaging between StartTalking and the Android application. This portfolio includes features and tools such as:

  • An embeddable "drive-mode" button to toggle StartTalking on or off within the app
  • Voice-navigation controls
  • AdelaVoice's Attention Technology, which lets users wake up their device without touching or looking at it
  • Text-to-speech (TTS) features for reading information to users
  • An automated speech recognition (ASR) dictation engine to provide spoken information to the application
  • Mechanisms for packaging, storing and delivering audio messages using AdelaVoice's Short Voice Services (SVS)
  • Unique grammar to identify the application and enable command/control user interfaces

By integrating StartTalking, the chompSMS application now enables drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel and eyes entirely on the road while composing, sending and receiving SMS messages. For StartTalking users, chompSMS provides a rich, full-featured SMS application, enables easy access to conversation history, and includes in-app playback for Voice Texts.

"chompSMS illustrates how quickly companies can use StartTalking to drive-time-enable their applications to address distracted driving," said John Nogrady, AdelaVoice Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development. "The StartTalking Mobile Application Developer Program provides developers with a convenient way to minimize the cost, risk and time-to-market of voice-enabling their products."

The StartTalking Mobile Application Developer Program is available to Android developers at no cost and includes cross-promotion opportunities that expand brand awareness for both developers and AdelaVoice. The StartTalking Mobile Application Developer Program is initially available for Android 2.x and later applications. AdelaVoice plans to expand the program to support other operating systems.

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