Adenyo Launches Turn-Key Mobile Advertising Management Solution

Adenyo Ad Manager provides a simpler, quicker campaign rollout for brands, agencies, publishers and operators

Dec 06, 2010, 09:00 ET from Adenyo

TORONTO, Dec. 6, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Adenyo (, a leading global mobile marketing technology company, today announces the release of Ad Manager 3.0, a turn-key mobile advertising solution designed to simplify, accelerate and optimize what has historically been a highly complex mobile ad campaign process. Combining Ad Manager 3.0 with its rapidly expanding ad network, Adenyo now serves 54 million mobile uniques per month in the U.S. and is the most comprehensive mobile advertising solution available for brands, agencies, publishers and operators.

Adenyo Ad Manager 3.0 – Next generation of mobile advertising

Having delivered thousands of successful campaigns for brands including Nissan, L'Oreal, Sears and Warner Brothers as well as agencies including Omnicom and WPP, Adenyo Ad Manager is a powerful tool for static and rich-media mobile ad campaign creation, deployment and reporting on any phone, across any wireless carrier network. Adenyo has now launched Ad Manager 3.0 as a complete turn-key solution for agencies, publishers and operators who wish to deliver more effective campaigns for advertisers with unmatched targeting capabilities, industry-best engagement results, real-time reporting dashboards and greater control for more effective campaign management.

"We're pleased to launch Adenyo's new mobile advertising solution to remove the headaches and confusion historically associated with this process, giving our customers the entire toolkit to quickly and simply plan, design, launch and measure successful mobile ad campaigns," states Tyler Nelson, Adenyo chairman and CEO.

As a unique feature, Adenyo also offers predictive analytics with Ad Manager 3.0, enabling businesses to more quickly and easily understand consumer needs and preferences, greatly reducing mobile audience duplication. Adenyo identifies customer predictions containing thousands of consumer behaviors down to zip code level, using their own proprietary prediction engine combined with publisher data. In addition, Adenyo's own dedicated global ad network delivers greater control for advertisers with unrivalled targeting ability to reach the right consumer with the right message.

Adenyo is one of the only global mobile advertising solutions that supports SMS, mobile web and mobile applications advertising together, and offers customers a wide range of ad formats including SMS text ads, video, interstitial and expandable ads. Once a campaign is launched through Adenyo, customers have complete control and visibility with the ability to track progress in real-time across ad formats and to make on the fly campaign adjustments as needed.

Adenyo Ad Network – Accelerated Expansion

In addition to planning, designing and launching engaging campaigns with Adenyo, brands and agencies can also tap into Adenyo's rapidly growing ad network. As a recently ranked Deloitte Technology Fast 50 company, Adenyo now has a global reach of 2.6 billion impressions per month and 54 million unique user reach per month across North America. Adenyo has also launched thousands of campaigns and currently serves more than 300 million ads per month for some of the world's most recognizable brands and Fortune 500 companies.

About Adenyo

With operations in North America and Europe, Adenyo enables agencies, brands and mobile operators to develop, target, execute and measure fully integrated marketing strategies and campaigns in the mobile economy. Adenyo powers four solution areas through its integrated mobile marketing software platform – predictive analytics, mobile web & applications, mobile messaging campaigns and mobile advertising – and has delivered thousands of successful mobile campaigns for the world's most demanding organizations, allowing brands to capitalize on the unique opportunities that only mobile can deliver. For more information, please visit: