Adknowledge Releases Performance Metrics on Hydra Purchase

Data validates affiliate uptake of complementary CPC and CPA models

Oct 19, 2010, 08:00 ET from Adknowledge

NEW YORK, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Adknowledge's Affiliate Division today released key performance metrics that indicate that, since the purchase of Hydra, affiliate marketers have taken advantage of the emerging trend of ad networks offering both cost per action (CPA) and cost per click (CPC) pricing.

Despite only three months of joint operations, results show that 81 former Hydra clients are also now running CPC offers, and have generated incremental affiliate revenues in the millions.

The driving force behind this early success includes improved business processes, in particular the merger of compliance and affiliate application processing, enabling a more streamlined and focused system. This has helped to promote higher-caliber affiliates with improved overall Life Time Value.  

In addition, guidelines have recently been distributed to account management teams to ensure affiliate violations are kept to a minimum. To maintain this growing pool of hybrid (CPA/CPC) affiliates, Adknowledge account managers are now organized across three regions (East Coast, Central and West Coast) to facilitate affiliate on-boarding and education, which has resulted in reduced time-to-revenue generation.

These improvements serve as timely proof points to coincide with the release of an Adknowledge business brief: "CPC + CPA: Affiliates Win Big as Ad Networks, in an Emerging Trend, Offer CPC and CPA as Complementary Options." The brief offers a comprehensive look at the synergies between CPC and CPA and offers affiliates guidance on how to leverage both methods and maximize ROI from their traffic.  It also underscores the importance of compliance and understanding a network's stance and ability to oversee regulatory guidelines.

Through its acquisition of Hydra in June, Adknowledge has solidified its market position as the leading CPA-CPC partner for affiliate marketers.  Smart affiliates know they should have the flexibility and diversification they need to find the right fit for every campaign scenario. As with any successful marketing initiative, timing is key; if affiliates are able to access and test both models, they can determine which route will provide them with the best ROI.

"The performance marketing landscape is evolving and affiliates must use every available resource in order to increase revenues," said Greg Bayer, general manager, Affiliate Division. "Your ideal network partner should provide the necessary tools to allow you to choose the best strategy for the situation in hand, at the same time, managing the many issues which may impede your business growth.  Adknowledge is uniquely positioned to provide these insights as one of the largest networks to offer a hybrid model."

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