AdMaster Announces the Acquisition of JinShuJu from ThoughtWorks to Support AdMaster as the Data Hub of Enterprise Data Ecosystem

* AdMaster's strategic M&A focus on products in the enterprise SaaS marketing and sales data ecosystems

* Data Technology and Science enabled products and solutions will be the key interest of AdMaster's M&A

* JinShuJu is the largest cloud-based SaaS online form automation platform in China for consumers and enterprises to improve process efficiency and data security

Nov 03, 2015, 10:00 ET from AdMaster

BEIJING, Nov. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- AdMaster announced the 100% acquisition of JinShuJu from ThoughtWorks. The acquisition represents the effectiveness of AdMaster's strategic investment approach, which has been established in early 2015 to invest into data technology and science and enabled products facilitating AdMaster as the data hub of enterprise data ecosystem. Upon the completion of acquisition, JinShuJu will become a product of AdMaster.

AdMaster has been part of the marketing data evolution in China in the last 9 years. The more the market developed, the more AdMaster sees the urgency of data integration. All these valuable data are fragmented and separated. AdMaster strongly believed that only integrated trackable data can deliver the best solution to enterprises and brands to make justifiable decision.

Having been the independent third party digital marketing effectiveness measurement partner of over 80% of the leading brands in China, and as the leading data tech company, AdMaster has accumulated rich experience in data integration and management. Having the mission for being "the data hub in the enterprise data ecosystem," AdMaster is committed to connecting the dots in the ecosystem through its own product development and the integration of available resources in the market.

"Personally, I am very excited about this happening. I founded AdMaster 9 years ago. We are the lucky ones because we received funding from investors who believe in us, our products and data tech. Today, with the collective effort of the team, AdMaster is the leading marketing data technology company serving most of the leading brands in China and expanding to the international market, I would like to share my fortune and experience with those start-ups who embrace the same belief and dream with AdMaster -- to build a happy and efficient data world. The acquisition of JinShuJu is just the beginning. We will invite more alliance into our Happy World to contribute to the success of the data tech industry and to the brands," said Vincent Yan, the 34 years old CEO & Founder of AdMaster.

JinShuJu was an internal incubator project of ThoughtWorks 3 years ago. It is now the largest cloud-based SaaS online form automation platform with 2 million users in China. It provides automatic form development platform to individual, groups, SMEs and even Fortune 500 enterprises world-wide to capture and manage data flow. JinShuJu improves the efficiency of collecting, visualizing, analyzing and sharing data without worrying about programming or security.

Chen Jinzhou, Founder of JinShuJu, said "it is my great pleasure to join the AdMaster family, here we have the same dream and mission. With the resources from AdMaster on finance, management expertise, clientele, big data infrastructure and achievement, I personally lay high expectation on this acquisition making my dream comes true -- JinShuJu to be the online form building platform for every one and every enterprise."

"JinShuJu is a user friendly SaaS product, which will be positioned as a stand-alone product to consumers and also to complement to our well established enterprise-focused research product, Our vision on JinShuJu is to collaborate with our current product portfolio so as to become the gateway to the "Super CRM" model. Through its open API, JinShuJu will integrate with other CRM/OA software seamlessly. It plays an important role in AdMaster for being the data hub of the digital data ecosystem. And we will keep our eyes open to other high growth start-ups in the data technology world and B2B enterprise SaaS solutions," said Tenly Wu, Chief Product Officer, AdMaster.

About AdMaster:

AdMaster is China's leading data solution provider specialized in data collection, analysis and management. By using cutting-edge, proprietary technology, we create value for businesses by turning big data into smart data and delivering it to them through our software-as-a-service platform, enabling them to make more informed decisions and gain a competitive edge.

Our core services include third-party digital advertising verification, social media and e-commerce measurement, and data management -- including data obtained from personal computers and mobile devices.

Currently located in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, with our two R&D centers in Beijing and Shanghai.