AdRoll Unveils LiquidAds at Summit

Personalized Retargeting Ads that for the First Time are Beautiful, Effective, and Easy to Implement

Sep 14, 2011, 12:32 ET from AdRoll

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Personalized retargeting has quickly demonstrated itself to be one of the most effective online advertising practices, but it comes with two major drawbacks: the ads are ugly and it's painful to implement. Today AdRoll, the most broadly adopted retargeting platform, is announcing LiquidAds, a technology that solves these problems.



LiquidAds, which showcase real-time, product recommendations to a site's previous visitors as they travel the web, are a game changer for display advertising. For the first time, brands of all sizes can embrace affordable dynamic creative that is visually compelling without needing to invest in a time-consuming integration.

LiquidAds beta client Omar Al-Hajjar, online marketing manager at Indochino said, "AdRoll was able to do exactly what we wanted with dynamic ads, and what other retargeting providers had said was not possible. To make LiquidAds even better, they were able to create the ads without us having to allocate resources."

Retargeting has surged in the last two years because it combines the ROI of SEM with the branding impact of traditional display advertising. Personalized retargeting ads are the latest evolution in retargeting capabilities, but only the largest brands have had access to the 5-6x ROI associated with this marketing channel.

Without exception, providers of personalized retargeting require a complicated setup process, demand high monthly traffic minimums, and produce generic-looking, clunky templatized ads that are not up to par with traditional branded display creative. LiquidAds' first-of-its-kind automation eliminates the labor, giving brands of all sizes access to attractive and easy to use dynamic retargeting.

LiquidAds is based on two new technologies: RollCrawl™ eliminates setup by automatically pulling images, names, prices and other product information from an advertisers' site. Since the process is automated, and doesn't require feeds, AdRoll is able to offer personalized retargeting without traffic minimums, which in turn allows brands of all sizes to compete despite varying marketing budgets.

To create visually compelling dynamic ads, AdRoll developed Chameleon™, which uses advanced computer vision to seamlessly match and blends product images into a branded context. The result is compelling, eye-catching and brand-appropriate creative.

This combination of stunning creative and personalized product recommendations has awed advertisers in the limited beta. "BustedTees has avoided dynamic ads because the aesthetic of our creative is extremely important. LiquidAds gives us the ability to simultaneously promote our 400+ products without any guesswork, and to do so in a way that reinforces BustedTees strong brand image," said Jonny Cottone, Marketing Manager at BustedTees.

AdRoll's President, Adam Berke says, "Our mission is to make powerful performance display advertising techniques simple for business of all sizes." The LiquidAds rollout will begin at the Summit September 13th in Boston, MA.

CONTACT:  Adam Berke, 1-877-723-7655