AdTruth - A Pro-Privacy Tracking Initiative of 41st Parameter - Joins the IAB as an Associate Member

Undertaken to meet the needs of the advertising industry while maintaining a privacy-positive approach to user data

Oct 03, 2011, 16:04 ET from AdTruth

NEW YORK, Oct. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- AdTruth™, a pro-privacy tracking technology initiative within 41st Parameter - the leading provider of online cross-channel fraud detection and prevention solutions - has become an Associate Member of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). AdTruth was created to augment the performance of cookies while maintaining a commitment to protecting user privacy. AdTruth offers patented device identification technology that operates without collecting any personally identifiable information (PII). The technology will be exhibited at IAB MIXX in booth #207.

"The IAB is the premier organization for digital advertisers," said Noe Ramos of AdTruth, "and IAB MIXX is the perfect venue for us to share this technology with the industry. What we've created represents a big step in the evolution of tracking technology - developed with respect for privacy standards and regulations."

AdTruth's device fingerprinting technology maintains user anonymity while enabling marketers to collect the targeting data they need. AdTruth honors the Do Not Track efforts led by Mozilla Firefox and retains the value set in the HTTP header, ensuring that consumer opt-out requests are observed. The AdTruth approach has been reviewed and vetted by privacy experts in both Europe and the United States and has been deemed fully compliant with all current privacy standards and regulations.

AdTruth can recognize more returning devices than conventional cookies, extending audience visibility regardless of the platform; and as more and more interactions occur on mobile devices, this benefit will only increase. AdTruth also provides outstanding performance. The on-site deployment of the technology delivers the latency-free performance required to ensure a quality end-user experience.

AdTruth is currently in production pilots at a number of companies in the digital advertising industry. Companies interested in exploring the benefits of the technology should contact AdTruth at

About AdTruth

Born of the inherent conflict of tracking online behavior and privacy, AdTruth meets the needs of the advertising industry while respecting the wishes of consumers. AdTruth augments cookie-based tracking technologies by recognizing a device without collecting any personally identifiable information. AdTruth works on all browser-enabled devices—PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets—to increase audience recognition for targeting and retargeting. For more information about AdTruth visit