Adult Content Videos in 360 Degrees Arrive on Smartphones

Virtualporn360 is one of the pioneering companies in launching a new player that enables you to watch 360 videos on your smartphone

Jul 29, 2015, 09:00 ET from VirtualPorn360

COOPER CITY, Florida, July 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

The 360 adult video revolution for virtual reality devices is following the path of success. After being the first company in the world to produce and commercialize this type of applications, is now providing its users with a new player that will enable them to watch the videos directly on their smartphone. They will be able to move into the virtual environment merely by turning on their device. Consequently, the platform becomes the first website in the world to offer this viewing service for porn videos.

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VirtualPorn360 continues along the path laid down by other companies, which have taken meaningful steps to improve the immersion feeling for virtual reality contents. VirtualPorn360 is  the only platform, along with Facebook and Youtube, which enables users to watch 360 VR videos on mobile devices. KolorEyes also has a specific player for smaller screens, however VirtualPorn360 is the only one to give its users the option to watch the videos on their PC as well as on their mobile phone. Moreover, VirtualPorn360 will allow individuals and producers who shoot adult videos with the next generation cameras arriving on the market like Google Jump, to upload their content on the web platform.

A 100% immersion experience 

The VirtualPorn360 smartphone player is really easy to use. You only have to turn your smartphone in any direction to make the 360 environment move as if it was a virtual window. Thanks to this technology and for the first time in history, the viewer can focus on specific details of the scene to which they have never paid attention before.  

Although it might seem that the degree of immersion reached by watching the 360 videos on a mobile device is lower than on a bigger screen, in reality the two experiences are similar, especially if you use a phablet or a tablet. Consequently, the 100% immersion experience is accessible to everyone.

More than 500,000 downloads this year 

VirtualPorn360 is proving to be globally successful, as shown by the more than 30,000 virtual reality porn video downloads exceeded in only one month. If the current trend continues, and with the videos that are yet to be uploaded, more than 500,000 downloads should be reached by the end of 2015.

In 2016, the year when virtual reality devices will be launched on the market, VirtualPorn360 intends to exceed 10 million downloads.

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