Advanced Clinical Care Announces Clinical Trials for Psoriasis Sufferers

Jun 27, 2013, 10:51 ET from Advanced Clinical Care

WORCESTER, Mass., June 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced Clinical Care, a clinical trial center located in Central Mass, is recruiting patients for two plaque psoriasis clinical trials.  Advanced Clinical Care has previously run and completed hundreds of clinical trials, helping many people who suffer from a rheumatic disease.  With these trials the researchers intend to gain new knowledge about the two treatment medications for people suffering with plaque psoriasis.  Both trials run for five years, which means patients will be receiving free care and free medication for the entire duration of the study.

"We are excited about these two studies because the drugs should quickly eradicate psoriasis.  Patients currently enrolled have been very happy with the treatment medications," said Mary Coughlin, RN, co-founder of Advanced Clinical Care.  She continued, "With severe psoriasis, the patient suffers from itchy and bleeding skin, which is often over an extensive area.  When we clear up the psoriasis, our patient's lives are changed forever."

With psoriasis, not only do patients suffer from the pain, but also from the consequences of the skin rash.  Psoriasis sufferers have been asked not to go in a public swimming pool or showers for fear that they are contagious, others have been asked not to touch anything in a cafeteria.  People suffering from psoriasis who are on medication for the disease frequently still suffer from psoriasis symptoms. Through the two clinical trials, doctors and researchers hope to learn more about the safety and effectiveness of the treatment medications when given to patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.  The results of the studies will provide doctors with more information about the two treatment plans. To learn more about the two plaque psoriasis clinical trials and to sign up for a study, visit

About Advanced Clinical Care

Advanced Clinical Care, formerly called Clinical Pharmacology Study Group, was founded in 1989 in Worcester, MA by Dr. Charles Birbara and Mary Coughlin, RN. Dr. Birbara and Mary created the clinical trial center to become involved with the newest medications in the field of rheumatology. Advanced Clinical care has witnessed firsthand the tremendous efficacy and improvements in their patients quality of life after enrolling in a clinical trial.


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