Advanced College Addresses Education Issues Outlined in the Student Success Act of 2012

Advanced College offers support services and a range of classes to combat issues in education that are addressed with new legislation

Oct 30, 2012, 15:19 ET from Advanced College

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Last month, Gov. Jerry Brown signed in the Student Success Act of 2012 to improve college education in California in light of recent budget cuts and projected classroom downsizing. The objectives of Advanced College in South Gate are in line with the precepts presented in the Student Success Act. This legislation calls for students to identify career objectives and consistently attend classes. This is not in an effort to discourage university and trade school enrollment but to ensure a responsible, focused approach to higher education that will result in lucrative careers.  When enrolling in Advanced College, the student is engaged in a focused area of study, as he or she pursues an online business administration degree, medical assistant certification, or another degree offered by the private college.

The bill requires that schools provide appropriate support services to pupils, while calling for students to fully engage in the educational process. Advanced College provides a support system that takes into account the daily demands of their students. For students that work fulltime or have children, Advanced College offers fast-track programs, night classes, and the ability to achieve online associate degrees. The school not only provides both theory lessons and hands-on learning opportunities, but job placement preparation. When the students complete their course of study, they are equipment to practically apply their knowledge in the job market. This is priority when the student partners with Advanced College, keeping in line with the interests expressed in the Student Success Act.

Additionally, the new law requires that students maintain a C average in order to hold onto funding. Advanced College ensures success in the classroom so that the student will meet this standard. Students attribute their achievements to the small class size and team-oriented approach in their healthcare management courses, physical therapy instruction, English as Second Language (ESL) coursework or other programs. Advanced College students relate that the faculty is engaged with each student, and curriculum is structured in such a way that students can easily manage their time inside and outside of the classroom. With a variety of class-types and meeting times available in areas such as Massage Therapy and Computer Science, students limit the amount of distraction so they can hone in on their coursework and meet the grade point average requirement.

At this time, 50 percent of community college students are not graduating or transferring to universities. Advanced College offers students their articulation program with Kaplan University. Advanced College students who complete their initial degree program may transfer to Kaplan University and obtain a Bachelor's Degree in a year-and-a-half. This stands as a solution to the transfer problem California education representatives hope to combat with the new legislation.

In the wake of the act, Brice Harris, the new chancellor of the California community college system, states that the bill is in line with the "reprioritization of workforce development" in California education. With classes in accounting, business administration, healthcare management and its nursing program, Advanced College students obtain certification or a degree that is applicable during these difficult economic times. Advanced College is a leader in trade education and equips students so they can find work in the field of their choice.

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