Advanced College Launches Nurse Assistant Program

Fast track certificate program can get students launched on a career in the ever-growing medical field in relatively little time

Feb 18, 2013, 14:28 ET from Advanced College

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced College has made its name offering a number of both offline and online associate's degree and certificate programs in any number of promising career areas. The latest is the Nurse Assistant certificate program employing a combination of in-person and online instruction to allow students to participate in this challenging and growing career in a relatively short time frame. The program joins the school's many other popular programs, such as its online accounting degree program, in permitting students to get the education they need in order to expand their career horizons and transform their lives while still attending to jobs or family obligations.

The Nurse Assistant program teaches students to assist medical professionals and patients by providing basic care and assistance. Tasks covered include measuring vital signs as well as helping ill or disabled individuals to perform basic tasks (transferring between beds and wheelchairs, dressing, hygiene, etc.). Nurse Assistants also need to monitor and report patients' health concerns and note possible signs and symptoms of physical, mental, or emotional issues.

Units of study will include courses covering such matters as Body Mechanics, Patient Care Skills, Vital Signs, Nutrition, Rehabilitative Nursing, Emergency Procedures, and a lot more. Nurse assistant jobs may be found in hospitals and nursing facilities, residential care homes, and home health care services. Moreover, as the population continues to age, the need for qualified and highly skilled nurse assistants will continue to increase.

The good news for people interested in new careers, is that whether students are learning to become nurse assistants or obtaining an online business administration degree, Advanced College permits students a level of flexibility that simply wouldn't have been possible a decade or two previously. With outstanding and thoughtfully designed programs, this school offers online courses wherever possible that permit students to pursue studies where necessary. Where clinical and/or traditional in-person classes or training are necessary, the school also provides outstanding live instruction at its campus southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

The idea at Advanced College is to make it possible for students with important commitments to jobs or family members to be able to work their education into the rest of their lives. While many portions of the program will necessarily involve in-person training, the college is able to provide hybrid instruction that allows students who wish to study the more theoretical aspects of the program through online instruction.

While Nurse Assistant is a certificate program, it is worth mentioning that students who obtain an associate's degree from Advanced College may benefit from the school's special articulation agreement with Kaplan University. Students with associate's degrees from Advanced College may be eligible for a 10 percent discount on tuition with Kaplan.

For details on improving your career outlook with one of the finest educational institutions in California, please visit the school online at or contact it by phone at 562-567-0457.

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