Advanced Sales and Marketing Corporation Releases New Product; 'MAXPlan' a unique Strategic Business Planning and Territory Management System set to Revolutionize the World of Wholesale Distribution.

MAXPlan provides a 'big picture' view for managers of wholesalers that include simulator tools and data management: this creates a blue print for success unlike any other wholesaler system.

Oct 01, 2010, 12:54 ET from Advanced Sales and Marketing Corporation

CHICAGO, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced Sales and Marketing Corporation of Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois is announcing the release of their new wholesaler productivity system called MAXPlan.  The MAXPlan system is unlike any similar sales planning and territory management system on the market to date, due to its online tool, which offers managers the ability to run simulations based on real data to make strategic business decisions.

MAXPlan was developed by Advanced Sales and Marketing Corporation after CEO Perry Moore discovered that there was a missing link in the wholesale distribution process: there was no way to simulate the distribution process to identify opportunities.  Moore noticed a wide overemphasis on developing the skills of the individual, to the exclusion of the process itself in the wholesaling industry.

"There is a widely held belief among sales managers that skilled wholesalers are primarily responsible for the success or failure to achieve sales goals.  In fact, it is estimated that 85% of success lies in improving the systems through which work is done, not in improving the individuals.  MAXPlan is a tool that makes the sales planning process more effective.  This helps the entire wholesaling operation, in addition to each wholesaler, become more productive," said Moore.

The system is designed for sales managers who want actionable intelligence to make their wholesaling teams as productive as possible.  Crucial information for managers is available online and can be manipulated to find the best combination of manpower, activities and geographies to optimize results for their sales team.  The MAXPlan system aids sales managers in tracking the performance of their wholesalers, and making critical decisions regarding the progress of their sales teams.

Here are some examples of when MAXPlan can be used for maximum potential:

  • Sales organizations undergoing expansion or contraction.
  • Sales teams that may be struggling to overcome data and reporting challenges because of too many systems, too much detail, and lack of a "high level" perspective.
  • Sales leaders who need to validate decisions, test assumptions, and simulate plans using actual territories, producers, and prospects.

One of the primary goals of MAXPlan is for sales managers to validate and give direction to the sales force.  Ivy Funds, one of the clients who use Max Plan, has witnessed this product's power over this past year.

"The MAXPlan strategic sales system was instrumental in positioning our wholesalers in their 2010 activities," said Brad Ross, National Sales Manager of Ivy Funds.

With 2011 business planning on the horizon, MAXPlan is the industry tool for wholesalers and managers who strive to stay ahead of their competition and want to rise above economic hardships.

SOURCE Advanced Sales and Marketing Corporation