Advanced Sex App "Dr. SexyTime" Now Free on Android; Uses Science for Smarter Sex

Jul 21, 2011, 09:28 ET from Calvert Strategies

WASHINGTON, July 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Humanity's excuses for boring sex just ran out. For over a year, the sexperts behind Dr. SexyTime Advanced Sex Guide have operated under one ambitious mantra: improve health and wellness by encouraging better sex. Since then, Virginia based Calvert Strategies has launched an iPhone sex app designed to do just that. "Science has brought us countless advances in our understanding of our species," said R.C. Kuhn, 'Chief Mad Scientist' behind the app. "So how we learn about sex should be no different. Dr. SexyTime is absolutely the best sex app available. Users have better sex, better health and better lives."

Those same experts are now introducing another revolution. The sex app which sold to iPhones and iPads in over 50 countries(excluding China where it's still banned) is now available for free on Android.

Android users can now experience the 'science of better sex' developed by Dr. SexyTime's crack team of sex nerds, devoted to making people smarter about sex. The App's unique 'Choreographer' and scientifically-fueled 'Sexual Homework Assignments' features raises bedroom prowess and sex IQ from 'Beginner' to 'Sexpert,' while bonding couples in the process. The App even allows users to 'Sext' positions to their partners, or recreate some of cinema's most exciting sex scenes. Facebook and Twitter routinely drops more sexy science to their followers.

While educational content has always been the cornerstone of Dr. SexyTime, the creators ensured the app is still approachable and visually sexy, using premium digital artists to design high quality images of 3D avatars to demonstrate positions in the Sex Positions Guide. "If learning about the fundamental biology and psychology of sex was as enticing as the act itself, we'd have a lot more scientists around today," admitted Kuhn. "We already pushed our iPhone version to Apple's limit, but we went the extra mile with Android artwork.  There's no reason education can't be sexy!"

Dr. SexyTime's creators understand the market is inundated with sex apps, which is why they felt a high quality and feature rich product was critical to differentiating from the sea of substandard products.  "Dr. SexyTime brings the science of better sex into the bedroom," mused Kuhn. "Imagine a world full of well sexed, healthy, happy humans. We should all want to live in that world."
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SOURCE Calvert Strategies