Advances in Gene Expression Profiling (Technical Insights)

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Advances in Gene Expression Profiling (Technical Insights)

Technology Trends, Data Management Trends, and Investment Strategy

Research Scope

Gene expression profiling encompasses a wide range of technologies, techniques and data informatics operations. The scientific understanding of gene expression profiling is to quantify the amount of mRNA and protein that is being expression in a sample or across multiple samples at any given time for populations. Methods such as microarray techniques, reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and RNA sequencing are constantly evolving and being adopted in healthcare and biotechnology towards the development of diagnostic and therapeutics assays, biomarkers, drug discovery and development, discovery of novel pathways in disease and understanding gene function and pathogenesis of diseases.

These application areas are highly relevant especially in this era of "personalized medicine." The relevance of gene expression profiling being used as a science for the development of therapeutic and diagnostic tools spans across several disease types such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease in addition to a whole host of infectious diseases. It also plays a crucial role in prenatal screening and genetic testing space.
Managing the large amount of genomic data produced through expression profiling technologies such as microarrays and RNA-sequencing is another area which is facing rapid growth. There are a plethora of opportunities emerging making genomic data management a hotbed for investors. Majority of the funds that seem to be coming into this sector have been going towards the development of data storage, analysis and visualization tools that can potentially eliminate the pertinent challenges present in the industry.

This study provides:

- Snap-shot of the technologies for use in gene expression profiling for drug discovery, clinical diagnostics and academic research.
- Highlights some of the key innovations in gene expression profiling, terms of technology and application oriented products
- Key technical and business challenges for gene expression profiling
- Key technical and business drivers that are fuelling adoption and success of gene expression profiling platforms and technologies
- Potential application areas of gene expression profiling (delves more into the areas of diagnostic test for disease, and pharmacogenomics)
- Technology snapshot of data management solutions for gene expression profiling data
- Strategic recommendations and investor opportunities in data management for gene expression profiling and genomic data.

Research Methodology

- To provide a thorough analysis of each topic, Technical Insights' analysts perform a review of patents to become familiar with the major developers and commercial participants and their processes. Building on the patent search, the analysts review abstracts to identify key scientific and technical papers that provide insights into key industry participants and the technical processes on which they work.
- The analysts then create a detailed questionnaire with content created to address the research objectives of the study, which functions as a guide during the interview process. While the analysts use structured questionnaires to guarantee coverage of all the desired issues, they also conduct interviews in a conversational style. This approach results in a more thorough exchange of views with the respondents and offers greater insight into the relevant issues than more structured interviews may provide.
- The analysts conduct primary research with the key industry participants and technology developers to obtain the required content. Interviews are completed with sources located across the world, in universities, national laboratories, governmental and regulatory bodies, trade associations, and end-user companies, among other key organizations.
- Our analysts contact the major commercial participants to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of processes and the drivers and challenges behind technologies and applications. Our analysts talk to the principal developers, researchers, engineers, business developers, analysts, strategic planners, and marketing experts, among other professionals.
- The project management and research team reviews and analyzes the research data that are gathered and adds its recommendations to the draft of the final study. Having conducted both published studies and custom proprietary research covering many types of new and emerging technology activities as well as worldwide industry analysis, the management and research team adds its perspective and experience to provide an accurate and timely analysis.
- The analysts then prepare a written final study for each project and sometimes present key findings in briefings to clients.

Key Findings

- North America and Europe have markets that have long been involved in gene expression analysis, however, emerging countries like in Latin America and Asia seem to be rapidly growing in gene expression services market, and data management markets which will enable greater adoption of gene expression profiles in disease treatment.
- Gene expression profiles are being adopted to quench the growing need of personalized medicine. Patients and phsyicians are getting more aware that diseases like cancer have strong genetic predispositions. This knowledge shows that these diseases could be prevented with the right diagnostic tools to validate the results.
- There is still a plethora of business and technology challenges like lack of standardization and strict regulatory policies which need to be addressed for a more widespread adoption of gene expression technologies and studies.
- Some key players are trying to develop better and improved microarray and PCR based methods to compete with NGS. With the advent of NGS, there is a threat of microarray and PCR based methods taking a hit commercially especially in terms of their usage in drug discovery, diagnostic test development and academic research.
- Software companies are getting more interested in life sciences and the vast amounts of data that is being produced. A lot of importance is being given to developing software platforms that have the capacity to analyze the data output of gene expression technologies. They have also become big stakeholders across the technology value chain for the development of gene based drugs and biomakers.
- Oncology profiling and diagnosis is a market segment that has greatly benefited from gene expression profiling studies and research. There are several FDA approved diagnostic assays that have been developed which are reducing the costs of healthcare for pateints and the entire system
- Pharmacogenomics is an upcming field where drug respones across patient populations are analyzed through gene expression profiling. This form of drug testing and development will have a huge role to play in the future of pharmaceuticals.
- There is a critical need in biological research for comparing the expression profiles of diseased vs normal and treated vs untreated samples, which will enable drug development, biomarker discovery, diagnostic screening tests.

Technology Overview

- Gene Expression Profiling is the quantification of mRNA or protein using a set of techniques. A large number of genes need to be simultaneously measured to arrive at a clear picture of cellular functioning.
- Here is a list of commonly used techniques: - Northern Blot - Polymerase Chain Reaction Platforms - Array Platforms - Serial Analysis of Gene Expression - Next Generation Sequencing Platforms

What is Gene Expression Profiling?

- Gene Expression Profiling is the quantification of mRNA or protein using a set of techniques. A large number of genes need to be simultaneously measured to arrive at a clear picture of cellular functioning.
- Here is a list of commonly used techniques: - Northern Blot - Polymerase Chain Reaction Platforms - Array Platforms - Serial Analysis of Gene Expression - Next Generation Sequencing Platforms

Why is it Important?

- Gene Expression profiling will aid researchers and physicians in understanding complex diseases from a genomic standpoint. This will enable the creation of diagnostic tests and development of drugs that are better equipped to diagnose and treat a range of communicable and non communicable diseases.
- There is a growing need in understanding the genetic basis of diseases. This will help scientists to get a grasp of what could be predictive indicators for cancer, obesity and forms of infectious diseases. Gene expression profiling will give a better understanding of what alterations have taken place in the RNA and proteins to cause the diseases in the first place.

What are the current trends in gene expression profiling?

- Gene expression profiling is being rapidly adopted across drug delivery, clinical diagnostics and in academic research.
- Microarray and next gene sequencing (NGS) platforms are increasingly used in understanding the pathogenesis of cancer, cardiovascular disease and a whole host of infectious disease. Expression profiling is now evolving into a platform that aids in the development of diagnostics and predictive biomarkers which will have a huge impact in this era of "personalized medicine."
- Gene expression profiling has had a significant impact in the pharmacogenomics sector, especially in the development of drugs that can help regulate genetic expression in individuals suffering from predispositions to certain conditions.
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