Advertise Your Store on ShopSimple - A Social Shopping Site All About Women's Fashion!

Aug 07, 2013, 11:23 ET from

HONG KONG, Aug. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Over the last few months, brands focusing on women's fashion have rushed to join ShopSimple. Major stores such as FreePeople and sellers on ASOS marketplace have all chosen to follow the new startup website to keep up with the latest social shopping trends. Due to its convenient and fun nature, it's now being recognized that interactive shopping is the future of online buying. By constantly offering their users the best selection of women's fashion, ShopSimple is leading the way in this hugely popular online sector.

Why ShopSimple Matters to Retailers?

Photo-sharing sites have seen a rapid rise in users as more and more people seek to join interactive websites, with one of the big names being Pinterest. Yet, whilst Pinterest helps you find cool wedding ideas, nail designs and tons of yummy food, its downside is you often can't shop for the items you've 'pinned' to your boards. This is where ShopSimple differs from its photo-sharing competitors, as everything shared on the website is available to purchase! In other words, ShopSimple will help shops boost sales.

With over 1 million fans on its main official Facebook page and hundreds of thousands of fans on its other integrated Facebook pages, ShopSimple has become an important site for fashion-focused retailers! Through ShopSimple the average order amount ranges from $100 to $150, compared with $80 and $60 orders from Facebook and Twitter shoppers (according to Dididay). It's no surprise that ShopSimple has quickly become a must for online retailers, who are seeing great traffic from the site, with sales conversion rates reaching 5.0% or even higher!

How to Get the Most Benefit out of ShopSimple?

1. Find your customers

It's important to know what customers you are looking for. ShopSimple is most effective for female-driven brands as over 99% of its users are female. If you're a retailer focusing on women's fashion and you're not using ShopSimple, you're missing out an opportunity to increase sales and make your brand more popular.

2. Create an account

ShopSimple allows you to create an account for free. Although ShopSimple hasn't created a distinction between a personal profile and brand page (like Facebook), you can add your brand information in the profile description, set your logo as the profile image, and name your account with your brand's name. Once the account is created, you can start posting products!

3. Optimize the posts

When creating a title for a new post, you can optimize it by adding keywords that users may be more likely to use if they're searching for specific products on ShopSimple. You can also add hashtags in the comment box. For example, you might add #dress #prom for a post about a prom dress. You can also add multiple hashtags, but beware that irrelevant or too many hashtags may be regarded as spam.

Be sure to check that the images and prices of the item you've posted are the same as the ones featured on your website. Otherwise buyers may feel they've been cheated. A little tip - Users are often attracted by high quality images, so it's important you have excellent photos of your products to maximize sale potential.

4. Post at the best time

Every social networking site has a key time to post during the day, so it's up to you to determine the best time slot for your brand and customers on ShopSimple. This way you will gain the most interaction by being online when your followers are and by posting what they want to see.

5. Interact with others

ShopSimple is a great way to network with other members. Simply 'Save' what inspires you, 'Follow' stores or people for inspiration, 'Comment on' posts, and 'Mention' someone, just as you would do on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also share these posts on other social networks.

6. Test to see what's popular

Not all products are popular on ShopSimple and it may take time to see what items from your store work best on the site. Once you add new products, your followers get updates on their 'My following' page. Then they may view, save, comment, or share your items. You'll gain some useful information about the popularity of your products with the help of these actions.

7. Create promotions and contests

Creating some events or promotions on your website can help you grab the attention of your customers. With integration of Facebook, Pinterest, and other social networking, the social features on ShopSimple help your contests run and spread more easily.

No matter how big or small, many brands have achieved great results and values by joining ShopSimple! Set up an account for your store today to start your amazing journey into the world of social shopping. You won't look back!