Advertising Network PubGrade Acquires First Customers

Oct 28, 2013, 07:44 ET from THESEUS

BERLIN, DRESDEN and AACHEN, Germany, October 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Thanks to innovative software, scientific publishers now have the possibility to place advertisements that match the content of their online biomedical publications exactly. Advertisers in the life science sector are able to target their promotions at their potential users. And scientists - the audience of published content - will no longer be annoyed by inappropriate advertisements. This solution was developed by German antibodies-online GmbH, Transinsight GmbH and the TU Dresden as a part of the German THESEUS project "GoOn- semantic search platform for life sciences".  It has been successfully introduced into the market by the advertising network PubGrade GmbH.

Dr. Andreas Kessell, managing director of antibodies-online states: "When a biologist reads a study about cancer on the Internet, in which certain reagents and materials were used, said items can be advertised for directly in the margin of the research paper. In that way, scientists can save valuable time during their search for suitable reagents for their experiments, which can prove to be very cumbersome."

The first publishing house introducing PubGrade technology is BioMed Central, the fastest growing open access publisher globally. In the meantime, with BD Biosciences Europe, PubGrade could acquire a further renowned customer besides their launching customer antibodies-online. PubGrade managing director Philipp Eckerle: "Currently several companies stand in line. Publishers and advertisers all over the world are thrilled about this technology."

Dr. Michael Alvers, managing director at Transinsight: "This solution by means of semantic and knowledge-based recommendations for products is a significant facilitation for scientists but at the same time a true challenge for the software solution due to complexity of this preserve of knowledge."

Patrik von Glasow
Head of PR, antibodies-online GmbH
Phone: +49-241-9367-2533