advertSAFE Solves The Problem of Selling to an Increasingly Wary Public

A new online identity verification service is launched and seeks to address Internet safety in online advertising and the significant fears consumers have over being victims of scams and fraud while online.

Oct 22, 2012, 12:23 ET from advertSAFE Limited

GUERNSEY, Guernsey, Oct. 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the UK Home Office, in August 2012 the UK was subjected to £73 billion worth of fraud, both online and offline. Here are some facts:

  • Identity fraud against individuals constituted over £1.2 billion
  • 9.4% of UK individuals suffered identity fraud in 2011
  • 27.9% of UK individuals have suffered identity fraud at some point
  • The average loss is £481 per person

That £1.2 billion figure is personal losses, not losses from bank fraud, credit card fraud or other scams.

With statistics like these it's no wonder somebody wanted to make a stand. That's where comes in to tackle Internet safety and online advertising problems. is a perfect 'no cost' solution for any website wanting to verify the identity of new and existing users, members or advertisers. In addition giving the website in question more trust and credibility along the way.  

In return for completing the online verification through the advertSAFE website, a user receives a special digital ID badge and certificate they can display anywhere to prove they are who they say they are. Visitors can click on the badge and be taken to the advertSAFE verified profile of that user.

With this new verification system, users can prove their identity without revealing too much about themselves and interested parties can check they are who they say they are with a single click.

The online verification process can be quickly and easily undertaken at the website.

Applicants supply a range of personally identifiable information to get verified, which is then checked and verified by advertSAFE and their global partners in a few seconds.

Once satisfied, the identity badge and certificate is presented and can be used in online adverts, profiles, forum signatures and any number of places online. That badge also links to a "verification score" which shows prospects how much verification the person has undertaken and how likely it is that they are who they say they are.

Those wanting to get fully verified will pay a small nominal fee (£7.50 or $12.50) to cover administration of the digital identity check. This will grant Standard Membership as long as verification is successful. Achieve a verification score of over 75% and users will automatically be granted Premier Membership with extra benefits.

In an age where we can be anybody we like, is a significant step in fighting fraud and scam advertisements online.

David Davies, co-founder of advertSAFE, explains: "The internet is the place to buy, sell, connect with old friends, make new ones, pursue your passions, find a job or even love... and it's potential is still growing every day. However, it's extremely hard to assess whether people and organisations are the real deal ... and equally hard to provide a verified ID of your own to other users."

The benefit of using this unique verification system is that internet users can check the identity of prospective friends, partners, love interests, sellers, retailers and any number of internet users.

"Thanks to advertSAFE, verifying other users and proving your own identity is quick, easy and dependable." Davies concludes. "In just a few clicks, individuals and businesses can join our growing community of trusted internet users. Internet users can be more confident about doing business or interacting with verified advertSAFE members." currently works with British Telecom, GB Group plc, McAfee Secure, MasterCard, Visa, Barclays, PayPal and many more to provide a fast, effective independent third party identity verification service to millions of genuine internet users worldwide.  


SOURCE advertSAFE Limited