AdvisorLoans secures $75 million to finance advisor acquisitions and growth

Jul 27, 2015, 08:00 ET from

BOULDER, Colo., July 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- AdvisorLoans has secured $75 million in commercial conventional lending capital to finance qualified advisors for internal or external practice acquisitions, partial acquisitions, partner buyouts, working capital, debt consolidation, transitions, and recruiting.

"Tri-party loans do not require collateral or a down payment from the advisor," said John Pierce, National Sales.

The Tri-party agreement is established between the advisor, our lender partner and the broker dealer or financial firm. Our lenders provide commercial conventional loans without a down payment or collateral if the broker dealer deposits the advisor's compensation into a designated account that the loan payment is then deducted from.

"While AdvisorLoans offers turnkey SBA lending, we are pleased to offer Tri-party loans because SBA loans are not always the best fit for the advisor. We expect the Tri-party loan to be the loan of choice for advisors belonging to Tri-party participating firms," said Helena Hauk, Commercial Lending.

The primary advantages to a Tri-party loan over an SBA 7a loan include not having to stake collateral other than a personal guarantee, not having to come up with the acquisition down payment, and no limitations to retaining the seller as an employee or consultant (beyond 12 months). The Tri-party loan rates are also competitive with SBA rates.

The Tri-party loans require the lender to have a first blanket lien position on the business, a personal guarantee, and the advisor must have a strong credit score. If an advisor has another outstanding loan (SBA or conventional) with a lender who already occupies first lien position, AdvisorLoans can often roll that loan into the Tri-party loan and replace the current lender.

AdvisorLoans provides full turnkey Tri-party loan services and packaging including prequalifying, packaging the loan documents needed, facilitating the tri-party agreement execution and lender depository account set up, and working as the advisor's liaison and advocate throughout the entire process.

"AdvisorLoans understands that for advisors to maximize strategic acquisition and growth opportunities, access to capital is key. This is why AdvisorLoans is continuing to secure additional Tri-party tranche capital," shared Mr. Pierce.

AdvisorLoans invites advisors to contact directly or check with your broker dealer to inquire if you are eligible for tri-party tranche financing.

Visit for more information and to see a comparison chart between Tri-party, SBA, and traditional conventional loans.

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