Affinity Solutions Launches Spot ON Deals, the First Merchant-Centric Group Discount Platform

'Daily Deals Done Right' allows merchants to target, track and analyze group discount offers

Sovereign Bank initial bank partner

Sep 20, 2011, 08:57 ET from Affinity Solutions, Inc.

NEW YORK, Sept. 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Affinity Solutions (, the leading provider of retailer-funded rewards programs in the U.S., today announced the launch of Spot ON Deals, the first and only merchant-centric daily deals/group discount platform in the marketplace.  

Spot ON Deals improves on popular first generation daily deals programs by allowing participating merchants to target the right customer with the right offer at the right time. Using Affinity's proprietary 'Dashboard' analytics, merchants can use data-driven insights to hone in on key segment and consumer spending trends. Further, Spot ON Deals will enable merchants to track the effectiveness of their offers, while deploying 'follow-on' offers to drive repeat purchases, loyalty and customer lifetime value.  

Spot ON Deals will be first introduced to consumers by Sovereign Bank.  With the launch of the service, merchants will work with Sovereign Bank representatives and deal managers from Affinity Solutions to define their offers and target marketing universe, using the dedicated 'Spot ON Merchant Portal.'  

"Today's daily deals programs more often than not attract bargain hunters; they don't encourage repeat business, and they don't allow merchants to meaningfully track results," said Jonathan Silver, President and CEO of Affinity Solutions.  "Spot ON is, essentially, 'daily deals done right.'  Affinity's proprietary analytics allow merchants to target the purchasers most likely to drive incremental purchase behavior and share of wallet."  

Affinity provides a turnkey program for financial institutions to promote Spot ON Deals, via email, online banking, mobile, direct mail, search, social networks, and other channels – along with consumer-facing budgeting tools that show how deals align with their purchase behavior in key spending categories, such as clothing, restaurants, grocery, travel, and automotive services.  Initially, Spot ON Deals will be redeemable via paper certificate or mobile, expanding to seamless redemption via Affinity's 'Coupon-on-a-Card' technology.

"Spot ON Deals will provide relevant special offers that best match the interests of Sovereign-Santander customers who are looking for discounts," said Eduardo Tobon, Head of Cards at Sovereign Bank and Santander – U.S.  "This innovative service builds on our existing Sovereign Cash Rewards program to give our customers more value and enhance our debit card offerings."

About Affinity Solutions

Founded in 1998, Affinity Solutions manages hundreds of offline and online relationship marketing and retailer-based rewards programs.  Affinity leverages proprietary analytics applied to a range of customer data in a privacy-controlled environment, to deliver the right offers most likely to drive desirable customer behavior for its bank and retailer partners. Affinity has partnerships with over 450 national and regional banks, including Sovereign Bank, U.S. Bank, and Capital One, as well as over 25,000 retail partners.  Its innovative programs also incorporate experiential benefits and editorial content that 'delight and entertain customers before, during and after they shop,' to drive deeper customer relationships for their partners.

SOURCE Affinity Solutions, Inc.