Agero CEO Dave Ferrick to Help Kick Off Intelligent Transportation Systems Summit with Vision of a Connected Vehicle Future

An Era of Virtual Dashboards, Portable Driver Interfaces, and Mobility Portfolios Loom on the Road Ahead Leading to Fully Automated Driving

Apr 18, 2013, 09:30 ET from Agero

MEDFORD, Mass., April 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Dave Ferrick, CEO of Agero, a leading provider of connected vehicle services and driver assistance programs for automobile manufacturers and auto insurers, will join NHTSA Administrator David Strickland and other vehicle telematics industry leaders at the opening session of ITS America's annual meeting, April 22, 2013 in Nashville. They intend to forecast how personal transportation will change once all vehicles become digitally networked.


Ferrick will share his vision of the trends accelerating the convergence of digital communications and advanced computer processing within vehicles and the resulting transformation likely to emerge in driving behavior, throughout the automotive service chain and in government transportation policy.

"The digitized vehicle will radically change everything associated with operating and owning a vehicle, including how we use it, how we maintain it, and how we insure it," said Ferrick. "These changes, in turn, will require a new perspective on government transportation policy as vehicle connectivity results in greater vehicle safety, less highway congestion, and more efficient use of drive time."

Ferrick is also prepared to discuss the numerous technologically advanced developments emerging in the connected vehicle, such as configuring smartphone apps for safe access during driving; designing update-able and portable human-machine interfaces with dashboard functions; enabling in-vehicle transactions; and basing insurance premiums on vehicle-generated data reporting how, when, and where a policyholder drives.

"We are beginning to take the first steps on the road toward the autonomous driven car," noted Ferrick.

Ferrick was named Agero's CEO last November after leading Agero's dramatic growth in services which leverage new technologies to increase efficiencies for vehicle manufacturers and insurers.   Ferrick foresees connected vehicle technology providing automakers new opportunities for redefining consumers'  driving and vehicle ownership experience as well as creating new relevancy for a new generation of drivers. Likewise, he envisions connected vehicles changing how auto insurers calculate premiums while also enabling them to engage in a more proactive, collaborative relationship with policyholders seeking to reduce the cost of vehicle ownership.

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