Cross-Platform Developer Toolkit Enables New Era of Cloud-Based, On-Demand Upgrades for In-Vehicle Systems Including Navigation, Messaging, Safety/Diagnostics

Jan 07, 2013, 09:00 ET from Agero Connected Services

DALLAS, Jan. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Agero Connected Services today announced the development of the AgeroView(SM)  DevKit, a new cross-platform toolkit designed to accelerate the deployment of cloud-based automotive infotainment system applications. The AgeroView DevKit, which incorporates current best practices for mitigating driver distraction, will change the infotainment system paradigm by allowing developers and automakers to deploy new experiences and rich content on demand, in much the same way as smartphones and tablets.

The DevKit, which will include an application software development kit (SDK) as well as a hardware evaluation kit, will be evaluated by select automakers during the first half of 2013 before its release.

The launch of the AgeroView DevKit will remove significant barriers that constrain today's in-vehicle infotainment systems. Until now, infotainment system features have  always remained relatively static over the course of the vehicle's lifetime. With the DevKit, automakers and developers can deploy more exciting and convenient experiences even years after the vehicle is sold. Drivers and passengers will be able to personalize their device interfaces on demand, and dealers will have the opportunity to introduce new content and interfaces.

As a major advancement in vehicle technology, the AgeroView DevKit will allow the deployment of far more efficient and practical applications, particularly those involving navigation, messaging, and safety/diagnostics. Motorists will receive  the added value created by the vehicle's ever-improving array of functions, content, and service offerings.

"With the AgeroView DevKit, automakers will now be able to target the applications critical to their brand and quickly deliver a user experience that builds brand equity," said Frank Hirschenberger, Agero's senior director of Innovation. "Moreover, the DevKit lets developers create apps with a simple, easy-to-learn interface that takes into account evolving knowledge on minimizing driver distraction."

The AgeroView DevKit also provides the critical portal between Agero's AgeroView in-vehicle cloud services and the in-vehicle electronics. The DevKit makes it simple for developers to write and validate production-ready, automotive-centric apps through the use of standard Web technologies.

The AgeroView DevKit resides as a component in the AgeroView cloud platform developed by Agero in partnership with M-Way Solutions, GmbH. The platform gives automakers and/or vehicle owners the flexibility to substitute providers of specific content such as navigation, entertainment, and news as well as customize graphic and audio interfaces whenever desired.

The DevKit includes specialized APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and associated support to enable access to a variety of in-vehicle platforms ranging from safety and GPS positioning to multi-media and climate control.

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