Agfa HealthCare* Identified in KLAS Report** as Being Among Early Leaders*** to Connect Multiple Service Lines for Enterprise Imaging

Healthcare providers report on Agfa HealthCare's VNA flexibility and close cooperation

Jun 16, 2016, 10:00 ET from Agfa HealthCare

MORTSEL, Belgium, June 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

  • VNA: Agfa HealthCare stands out as having the most service lines connected and deepest adoption outside radiology and cardiology.
  • Universal viewer: Healthcare providers have had more success connecting service lines to Agfa HealthCare's XERO viewer than other vendors' viewers.
  • Agfa HealthCare is recognized for its good access from the EMR and scalability.

In a recent report on satisfaction among healthcare IT customers, Agfa HealthCare customers reported high levels of satisfaction with the company's products and service. Specifically, Agfa HealthCare's Enterprise Imaging solutions, including its vendor neutral archive (VNA), universal viewer, image exchange and workflow solution, were positively regarded by customers and potential customers.

Store, view and exchange images 

Independent research firm KLAS, which specializes in healthcare IT, completed the study, titled "Enterprise Imaging 2015: Strategies, Options, and Vendor Performance", to measure the satisfaction with vendors amongst 92 multi-site healthcare facilities that have a clear enterprise imaging strategy.

Respondents in the KLAS study indicated that they had more success connecting departments to the XERO® universal viewer than other vendors' viewers. One of them affirms, "Agfa HealthCare's universal viewer makes it really easy to share images with various organizations in our area."

Supporting image formats for various departments 

The study also noted that Agfa HealthCare plays a clear and significant role in healthcare providers' enterprise imaging strategies, which very often are first implemented in the radiology department, due to the high number of clinicians who need access to the radiology images.*

The report also indicates that Agfa HealthCare has a greater reach and presence in departments outside of radiology and cardiology, both for its VNA and its XERO® universal viewer. Some of the departments connected to Agfa HealthCare solutions include gastroenterology, dermatology, ophthalmology and pathology, among others.*

Single platform, central archive, anywhere access  

Agfa HealthCare's Enterprise Imaging solution is a workflow-oriented platform that provides all imaging applications and services on a single modern IT platform, with 64-bit architecture that enables a single integration point into the EMR.

The Enterprise Imaging VNA offers a robust solution for enterprise archiving of DICOM and non-DICOM data, with intelligent lifecycle management tools and maximum interoperability. It consolidates imaging data, from multiple systems, departments, facilities and vendors, into a central clinical data foundation. Images from all patients are in one archive, and multimedia patient imaging records can be shared across the healthcare enterprise and beyond.

"We have cardiology connected to the VNA, and we are now starting to connect the GI lab. We have ultrasounds from the ER and the floors. We are able to plug essentially anything into the VNA. Agfa HealthCare has done a very good job over the years of connecting to just about anything. It doesn't take days or special coding to make it happen. They did their homework on connectivity up front and are very good at it," declares one healthcare provider in the KLAS report.

The XERO universal viewer - which also includes an FDA-cleared diagnostic viewer - provides secure access to imaging data from different departments and sources or multiple imaging managers, in a consolidated view. It offers enhanced viewing, clinical depth, collaboration and sharing on a single web viewer. Images from the Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging IT platform or third-party VNAs or PACS can be seen in one display.

Extensive experience and portfolio 

"We are pleased that the KLAS report showed that Agfa HealthCare's customers find value in our Enterprise Imaging solution. We are committed to deliver innovative image information management services that support executive-level strategies to replace fragmented care with collaboration across the care continuum, and to advance consistent, reliable healthcare delivery," comments Bill Corsten, Regional President, NA Agfa HealthCare. "The positive comments from our customers that this report documents show that our Enterprise Imaging solution helps our customers reshape their operating and clinical strategies to transform the way they work as population health management, value-based care, and risk sharing become reality in healthcare."

Read an Agfa HealthCare summary of the KLAS report here.

* VNA and Universal Viewer data is an early look at enterprise imaging leaders. Sample size 6-12 respondents

** KLAS report "Enterprise Imaging 2015: Strategies, options and vendor performance", December 2015

*** Early leaders include vendors that have at least six live sites using their solution as part of an enterprise imaging strategy. In most cases, these vendors have additional contracts signed and are being considered in potential deals.

About Agfa 

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About Agfa HealthCare  

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