Agile Network Introduces Omni-Channel Retail Shipping Solution Leveraging the SPS Commerce Universal Network

Solution extends vendor compliance and trading partner integration through AgileShip enterprise shipping software to retailers, online merchants, factories, suppliers, distributors and 3PLs

Oct 23, 2013, 12:43 ET from Agile Network

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Agile Network, a leading provider of multi-carrier, enterprise shipping and transportation management systems, today announced a new solution for companies who need efficient trading partner connectivity and supply chain execution across multiple shipment origins.  Built upon Agile Network's award-winning AgileShip application suite, the new solution seamlessly connects AgileShip users with more than 50,000 supply chain partners in the SPS Commerce Universal Network to maximize compliance.  For companies faced with omni-channel marketing and fulfillment challenges, the new solution offers unprecedented visibility and trading partner connectivity to enable rapid growth.

Driven by the explosion of omni-channel retail programs where orders flow from any number of sources, fulfillment now requires companies to ship goods from stores, distribution centers and drop ship vendors among other points in their supply chain.  Compounding this are additional challenges, such as disparate legacy systems, lack of inventory visibility and the need to execute orders from one or more origins based on product availability, carrier charges and promised delivery date.

With integrated cloud-based supply chain services from SPS Commerce, AgileShip provides a single point solution that meets the most demanding fulfillment challenges.  Real-time, rules-based, multi-carrier/multi-origin rating and routing capabilities allow companies with AgileShip to instantly identify optimum fulfillment options during the order entry process.   Certified integrations with major ERP systems and WMS applications enable AgileShip to seamlessly execute shipments in both attended-station and black-box modes.  In either case, AgileShip leverages the SPS Universal Network to automatically generate retailer-compliant GS1 (UCC) 128 Shipping Labels and transmits shipment detail required to generate compliant EDI 856 Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASNs) and bypass legacy EDI software and VANs. The enterprise solution allows the process to work autonomously, without any additional hardware or continued maintenance responsibilities. 

"By integrating to the SPS Commerce Universal Network, AgileShip now offers big box retailers and their suppliers a powerful new platform to implement 'buy anywhere – get anywhere' omni-channel fulfillment strategies," stated Noah Ostanik, Principal, Agile Network.

The SPS Commerce-enabled, AgileShip solution may be deployed throughout the supply chain in both cloud and on-premise modes, adding full-function, freight and parcel shipping capabilities to distribution centers, stores and supplier networks.    In any configuration, the solution simultaneously works to increase inventory visibility, ensure trading partner compliance and decrease transportation costs.

To help companies understand omni-channel fulfillment challenges and opportunities, Agile Network and SPS Commerce offer a free, 3600 Omni-Channel Fitness Assessment.  As part of this program, participants map their supply chain ecosystem, identify planned and future fulfillment scenarios, identify supporting solution components, and then analyze potential savings.  To learn more, visit

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