Aging Gracefully and Plastic Surgery Are No Longer Mutually Exclusive

Plastic surgery trends point to some older patients wanting to fight time's ravages, but still "look their age," according to the physicians at We Know Beauty

Jun 11, 2013, 14:17 ET from We Know Beauty

LOS ANGELES, June 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The phrase "age gracefully" has permeated American culture. It suggests a person who wishes to present an aged self to the world, but with dignity that transcends the fickle trappings of physical beauty. If this sounds pompous, you may already be inclined toward plastic surgery as you age. However, the experienced physicians at We Know Beauty have spotted a rising tide of patients who have apprehensions about surgery, yet still seek out board certified plastic surgeons as they look for a compromise between the two competing types of so-called gracefulness: beauty on one hand, and aging "authentically" on the other.

Consequently, a non-invasive face lift can be a godsend for patients looking for an effective way to fight aging without "going overboard," and for former patients looking for restore a natural look, breast augmentation revision from a truly experienced surgeon can bring back confidence that may be lacking.

Facial plastic surgery can be seen rising in popular culture over the past few years, for several reasons. Not least among these is the idea that facial plastic surgery yields some of the most drastic results, and that a patient's entire appearance can be transformed. While there are detractors, there are countless patients who view their "extreme makeover," as a watershed moment in their lives, bringing them confidence and positive attention that they never thought possible.

However, either because patients already see themselves as beautiful, or because of a belief in some type of authentic identity, many patients take the equally legitimate position that surgery should merely correct for attention grabbing changes that come with age, such as the dreaded "turkey waddle" at the neck, or cheeks that sag in an unsightly way. At We Know Beauty, finding a non-invasive solution to these issues that leaves the patient's face looking refreshed, but not dramatically transformed, is a popular option. Even more traditional plastic surgery methods can be used and, with the expert hands of the surgeons of We Know Beauty, facelift or facial liposuction recovery time can surely be kept at a minimum.

Moreover, there are multiple reasons to get revision plastic surgery, including a change of heart about a past procedure, or dissatisfaction with how once positive effects have changed with time. Breast augmentations that were enjoyed in younger times might be seen by older women as an extravagance not befitting a grandmother. Many who look to recent examples of gorgeous women in their sixties and even seventies might beg to differ, but the point is again a valid one, and women seeking breast augmentation revisions are seeking out We Know Beauty in droves.

Drs. Anous, Hodnett, Cohen, Mandris, Jarrah-Nejad, and Bruno are eager to consult with anyone seeking a physician at the top of their field. The highly selective patients who seek out We Know Beauty are consistently pleased not only with their results, but with the overall experience, no matter what drew them to the idea of surgery in the first place.

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