AGR Announces New Marketing Campaign

Oct 19, 2010, 09:15 ET from AGR Tools Inc.

AUSTIN, TX, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ - AGR Tools, Inc. (OTCBB: AGRT) is pleased to announce that it will be commencing a new marketing campaign targeted at customers in markets in which AGR has a stocking dealer presence.  The company currently relies on its local distributors to advertise and promote AGR's premium diamond tooling products, so this campaign represents the beginning of a dynamic new strategy that will result in AGR assuming a more active roll in providing ongoing marketing support to its dealers. 

"We feel that we will be able to expand the business of our individual dealers as well as of AGR as a whole by becoming more involved in local marketing efforts", commented Rock Rutherford, the President and CEO of AGR.  "As soon as we select a new distributor to cover a new territory, we plan to work with that dealer to come up with the best possible plan for their market", continued Rutherford.  "This should greatly accelerate the pace of our expansion and the development of our dealer base."

Although AGR plans to advertise in large national trade publications and other media, the company's strategy is to customize its marketing plans to reflect the differences between each dealer and market territory.  Working closely with its dealers will then allow AGR to target its products at specific local contractors and fabricators.

AGR's new marketing campaign also includes a redesign of its current website, details of which the company plans to disclose later this week.

About AGR Tools, Inc.

AGR Tools, Inc. is a public company with its common stock quoted on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol AGRT, and the Berlin and Stuttgart Stock Exchanges under the symbol LVSA.  Its wholly owned subsidiary, AGR Stone & Tools USA, Inc. ("AGR USA"), is a contract manufacturer and distributor of tooling and accessories to the construction, building maintenance and demolition industries in the United States and Canada.  AGR USA supplies more than 700 products through its stocking dealership network and website, including diamond based tools and adhesives, and it specializes in producing consumable tooling for the natural stone, engineered stone, concrete and masonry industries. Its goal is to provide its clients with superior quality products, excellent customer service and the most competitive prices in the diamond tooling industry.  AGR USA has conducted extensive research and testing of its products, and uses the latest technologies to assure it is at the forefront of the diamond tooling industry.

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