AgriChina Investor 1210 - Annual Subscription

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AgriChina Investor 1210 - Annual Subscription

China's grain yield is expected to achieve the first nine-year continuous increase since half a century, according to the Ministry of Agriculture. However, the grain security pressure will be intense in the future; with the increasing population and changing diet structure, more grain supply is required, but the urbanization process has decreased the area of farmlands. Chinese government has issued a series of preferential policies to encourage crop planting and to increase productivity of farmland, such as increasing minimum purchasing prices of grains, raising proportion of agricultural insurance subsidy and increasing subsidies for grain planting.

However, most farmland owners can't get much money from farming and some of them choose to abandon farmlands and go to work in cities for more income. Many professionals have proposed that the main reason for the low income from farming is the low concentration rate of farmland. And farmers could only get desirable income from farming on a large area of farmland. The right confirmation, registration and certificate issue of collective-owned land in rural areas, which is to be completed by the end of this year, will stimulate rural land transaction and further improve the concentration rate of farmland in the future. However, some experts think that transaction of rural land will not be boosted in the short future.

Legend Holdings is deepening its white wine business and it is ambitious for building a leading white wine group in China.

Richlink Capital invests USD3.2 million in Banghao Seed and gets 16% shares.

Shandong Longda Meat Foodstuff Co., Ltd. is expected to get listed on Shenzhen SME board by the end of this year.

Decreased pork price and increased prices of corn and soybean together incur the profit decrease of listed pig breeding companies.

Agricultural produces options are likely to be launched in China in the short future.

Collective-owned rural land right confirmation is to be completed by the end of 2012, which will greatly promote the farmland conservation and the social stabilization and economic development of rural areas China heightens agricultural insurance subsidy budget in 2013 to ensure the sustainable development of agricultural production.

Agricultural investment needs creativity and patience.

Ecological agriculture could contribute to the food security in China.

Blueberry planting and processing are attracting more and more investors in China.

China's rural banks have been facing a number of challenges.

Agricultural investment faces a number of financial risks in assets confirmation, pricing strategy establishment, profitability valuation, etc.

Legend Holdings deepens white wine businessRichlink Capital invests USD3.2 million in Banghao SeedLongda Meat Foodstuff's IPO underwayProfit drop of relevant listed companies: pork price down Vs. feed price upAgricultural produces options likely to be launched in ChinaCollective-owned rural land right confirmation to be completed by end of 2012China increases agricultural insurance subsidy budget in 2013Agricultural investment needs creativity and patienceEcological agriculture contributes to China's food securityBooming investment in blueberry in ChinaChina's rural banks face challengesFinancial risks in China's agricultural investmentChina's grain yield to achieve first nine-year continuous increase this yearSeed Technology Trading Platform of China founded in ChangshaChina depends more heavily on imported soybeanCAFS sets up Fishery Development Strategy Research Center in BeijingChina's largest agricultural exhibition center to be built in KaifengWheat minimum purchasing price to increase by USD1.59/50kg in 2013Jan.-Sept. 2012 Hainan agricultural investment grows by 1.3 times YoYCNCRC's provisional cotton purchasing and stockpiling reaches 1.40 million tonnes

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Legend Holdings Co., Ltd,;

Richlink Capital;

Shandong Longda Meat Foodstuff Co., Ltd.;

Hunan Dakang Pasture Farming Co., Ltd.

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