Agrinos Partnership with Buttonwillow Warehouse Company Brings Biological Crop Solutions to California Growers

Jul 15, 2015, 11:31 ET from Agrinos

OSLO, Norway, July 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Agrinos, a leading biological crop input provider committed to improving the productivity and sustainability of agriculture worldwide, is pleased to announce an expanded partnership with California agricultural retailer Buttonwillow Warehouse Company.

The partnership gives growers in California's central valley and coastal areas increased access to Agrinos' microbial and nutrient product line for plant and soil health, along with the agronomic expertise of Buttonwillow's team of professional crop consultants.

"Agrinos is pleased to be working with an industry leader such as Buttonwillow and its team of professionals serving central and coastal California growers," said D. Ry Wagner, CEO of Agrinos. "The partnership with Buttonwillow reflects the growing interest in and rapid adoption of our microbial and crop nutrient products to increase crop health, quality, fertility and yield."

HYT® A and HYT® B from Agrinos have been shown to provide a number of critically important benefits to key California conventional and organic crops including fruits, vegetables and tree nuts. These HYT products are certified or approved for organic use by the California Department of Agriculture, Organic Input Material (OIM) Program and the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). Both products can be used seamlessly with both organic and conventional grower programs.

HYT A benefits include improved nutrient availability and enhanced crop nutrition assimilation. HYT A consistently delivers higher yields and improved crop quality across diverse soil and environmental conditions in a wide variety of crops. HYT B benefits include boosting and supporting the plants' metabolism and photosynthetic activity to combat abiotic and developmental stress. HYT B also provides a source of "timed-released" nitrogen that is highly bioavailable and complements applied nitrogen.

"HYT A and HYT B have added a vital component to my crop portfolio," said Jose Ramirez, Pest Control Advisor at Buttonwillow. "The integration of these products has improved plant vigor, which has led to increase in fruit quality while maintaining yield. The Agrinos product line is very easy to use and compatible within a grower's existing fertility program."

Microbial Crop Inputs

HYT A is a liquid microbial product produced by a unique fermentation process of naturally occurring soil microbes. Its proprietary microbial blend contains a diverse array of strains that together serve to rejuvenate the soil and improve nutrient availability.

HYT B is a unique nutrient blend of carbon, true protein, free amino acids and essential metabolic micro-nutrients which combine to naturally stimulate critical metabolic functions. In addition, it offers a nutritional boost to protect and support plant health and vigor during critical stages of crop development or periods of environmental stress. HYT B is compatible and fits very well with standard foliar spray programs.

Buttonwillow has field offices and locations in Buena Vista, Chowchilla, Corcoran, Delano, Firebaugh, Goshen, Laton, Paso Robles, Nipomo/Santa Maria and Salinas. For more information about Buttonwillow call (661) 764-5234 or visit

For more information about Agrinos, HYT A and HYT B, visit or call (888) 706-9505.

About Agrinos
Agrinos is a biological crop input provider committed to improving the productivity and sustainability of modern agriculture. Agrinos' range of High Yield Technology (HYT®) products helps farmers to practice profitable agriculture by providing increased crop productivity, improved efficiency of conventional fertilizer and a reduced environmental footprint.

Certified as organic and based on Agrinos's proprietary technology, the HYT® products provide benefits by strengthening the soil-based microbial ecosystem, stimulating crop development at key points in the growth cycle and boosting natural plant resistance to pathogens and threats. With solutions for a variety of crop categories, the technology comprising the HYT® products has demonstrated its value in third-party trials in key agricultural regions worldwide.

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