Ahmadinejad to be Lambasted by Street Theatre Protesters


Sep 21, 2011, 11:44 ET from Iran180

NEW YORK, Sept. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

WHAT:  A mini four-act play of street theatre featuring:

  • "Mahmoud Gets Married":  With Muammar Gaddafi presiding, the presidents of Iran and Syria will come to New York City to officially sanctify their union in a same-sex wedding ceremony. They will wed under a chuppah – a traditional Jewish wedding tent - with yellow cake (uranium) served to onlookers. Ahmadinejad, dressed in a custom-made "mini me" style rubber mask and a white Members Only jacket, toured his favorite spots in NYC with Bashar Assad earlier this week.  Check out Ahmadinejad's invasion of NYC!
  • "Arab Spring Turns to Iranian Fall":  Dissidents and activists will shout down and then handcuff a 10-foot tall Ahmadinejad puppet dressed in prison garb.
  • "Water Gun and The Octopus": Protesting the ban on water gun fights being enacted in Iran earlier this month, and Ahmadinejad's claims that Paul the Octopus - of 2010 World Cup fame - symbolizes all that is wrong with the western world.
  • "Nuclear Watch": A ten-foot long nuclear missile with a ticking clock.

WHY:  At the exact hour when the President of Iran is expected to address the United Nations, spewing his anti-Gay ("there are no homosexuals in Iran"), anti-Semitic (denying the Holocaust), and anti-American (US is responsible for 9/11) rhetoric, street performers will mock him and his homophobia, and highlight the Iranian regime's dangerous pursuit of nuclear weapons, flagrant violations of the human rights of the Iranian people, and active support and assistance to the Syrian government's – as well as many other countries - brutal crackdown on dissent that has claimed thousands of lives this year.

"We are taking the metaphor of two dictators in bed with each other to a new extreme,"
Chris DeVito, Director of Outreach, Iran180

WHO:  Iran180 is a movement of NGOs who have come together as a unified voice to demand a 180 by the Iranian government in their pursuit of nuclear weapons and the treatment of their citizens.

WHEN:  Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 11:00 AM (repeating again at noon)

WHERE:  East 47th Street and 2nd Ave, SE corner on the stairs of DAG Plaza, adjacent to the United Nations, New York City


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