Aileen Doll: "Making Dolls with the Enthusiasts of the World"

- 'Aileen Doll', Specialty Shop for Ball-jointed Dolls 'Made in Korea', Wins Popularity with Their Own Design and Story

Aug 28, 2015, 09:00 ET from Aileen Doll

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Korea's ball-jointed dolls (dolls made with round joints to allow free movement) made with delicate skills have captured the eyes of doll enthusiasts of the world.

Ball-jointed doll were first made by a German plastic artist, and they have developed into today's form through the techniques used by Japanese traditional doll makers since the 1980's. Over the years, the overseas market for this particular type of dolls has grown quite large, including America, Japan, and Russia.

The products of 'Aileen Doll (,' the largest specialty shop for ball-jointed dolls in Korea, are the typical "made in Korea" dolls with their own designs and stories. The "story" starts with the planning stage, and once the character is developed, they develop different "series" of that particular doll. They operate on the build-to-order system since all products are 100% handmade. Customers are willing to wait for their products despite the long production period, which usually lasts for 2~3 months.

The company is receiving orders throughout the world including America, Russia, Japan, Spain, and Belarus. For the solid story line and exquisite representation of the expressions and colors, customers willingly promote Alieen Doll products all around the world. For example, a customer in Spain sent pictures that she took with her doll at her wedding and ordered dolls for her friends as gifts.

The popular item, the Dragon Series, even has its own community in Flicker, the online photograph sharing site of Yahoo America. Many customers boast about how they use the Dragon Series in their everyday lives through the photos they have posted.

"New products are sold out within 1~2 weeks regardless of the high price due to the scarcity and possessiveness," said President of Alieen Doll, Beom-soo Kim, "I am quite pleased to see customers around the world creating their own internet communities where they share their experiences with their dolls, and thus, create a new form of entertainment."

Aileen Doll operates an online shopping mall in English using the services of cafe24 (, the largest Korean hosting company, and will be opening the Japanese version of its online shopping mall soon.

SOURCE Aileen Doll