Aimed at Providing the Best Bikini and Best Service, RELLECIGA is Rebuilding the Bikini as Well as Itself

Aug 15, 2013, 08:00 ET from RELLECIGA from ,

HONG KONG, Aug. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- To change or to die, this is the changeless law in modern commercial society. Some may still remember the huge advertising picture "Yellow Storm, Yellow Dream" and the best-selling bikini in 2012. The only one theme for RELLECIGA in 2013 is change. We spared no effort in providing the best bikini and the best service to our worldwide customers. RELLECIGA has rebuilt the definition of "bikini".


A month ago we gave birth to a new species of bikini -"RIKINI". RIKINI is a kind of bikini that can be worn in various ways. Some women may have had the same experience as our professional designer Cindy. When she was at the beach walking under the lovely sunshine and swimming in the salty water, another girl wearing the same bikini as hers tore her good mood into pieces. Common bikinis appear with a few shared design points – they are usually triangle top, bandeau top or one piece. So it is probable that two of the same bikinis may appear on one beach.

RELLECIGA not only designs bikinis but also designs your mood. In our eyes, the bikini is not only a kind of clothing but a part of your mood. Our designer cares for her daily life and frequently talks with our customers all over the world. How about paying for one bikini to get 6 sets or more, providing 6 choices to be unique? That sounds cool! That is the new kind of bikini: one bikini with a unique design that can be presented as six or more different styles. "RIKINI" will surely shock you.

We believe good service is a part of a good product. We never slow down our steps in designing the best bikini. Meanwhile, we are trying our best to upgrade our service. After a year of effort, RELLECIGA bikinis now are available in most of the online retail platforms. You will surely be able to find RELLECIGA in your most familiar online stores, such as Amazon, eBay, Lightinthebox, Aliexpress, Dealextreme, etc. RELLECIGA has built a close relationship with good worldwide resellers. As for manufacturing, RELLECIGA is more than professional and will give you the best bikini; as for retailers, our professional resellers will provide you the best shopping experience and service.

What is a good product? It should be good to look, good to touch, good to smell and good to feel. You may have heard about Apple Stores' famous sales per square foot (the highest in retail). The key to this phenomenon is user experience. Customers will be attracted by the products themselves. In premise, the manufacturer should be confident with the quality and design of the products. It's easy to over-modify a bikini on the web, as pictures can be edited by a program. However, in brick stores a real product is in front of you. You can see it, touch it and feel it. RELLECIGA is now building a retail outlet network all over the world. In July 2013, we established a new retail outlet in Houston. The address is 116 Sharps Town Ctr Houston, TX 77036.

RELLECIGA aims to provide the best bikini to our customers. To become a widely respected brand, there is another significant problem for us: how to lead the trends. Trend can't be posted in fashion magazines, nor be led by a fashion show. Trends are what our customers are thinking and talking about. So, getting in close contact with our customers is pretty important. Our designers and customers spend a lot of time on retail platforms collecting what our customers are talking about. Some of our customers have complained about unobvious push-up effects, so we optimized the structure of our bandeau top. Some of our customers expected different ways to wear a bikini, so we created RIKINI. REELLECIGA has the most efficient decision chain to optimize our products. Collecting customers' feedback, optimizing design drafts, producing product models and optimizing producing methods - RELLECIGA can finish all of the above within four hours.

RELLECIGA, a professional bikini manufacturer, keeps on optimizing our products and services. In August 2013, the RELLECIGA lace bikini series will be published in major media in North America. The RIKINI series is coming soon, sure to shock viewers! For more information, please go to our official site:, or also you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.