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Airlines: Global Industry Almanac, MarketLine

Airlines: Global Industry Almanac is an essential resource for top-level data and analysis covering the Airlines industry. It includes detailed data on market size and segmentation, textual analysis of the key trends and competitive landscape, and profiles of the leading companies. This incisive report provides expert analysis on a global, regional and country basis.

Scope of the Report * Contains an executive summary and data on value, volume and segmentation

* Provides textual analysis of the industry's prospects, competitive landscape and profiles of the leading companies

* Incorporates in-depth five forces competitive environment analysis and scorecards

* Covers the Global, European and Asia-Pacific markets as well as individual chapters on Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States.

* Includes a five-year forecast of the industry


The global airlines industry grew by 11.9% in 2010 to reach a value of $501.2 billion.

In 2015, the global airlines industry is forecast to have a value of $713.6 billion, an increase of 42.4% since 2010.

The global airlines industry grew by 5.7% in 2010 to reach a volume of 2,373.1 million passengers.

In 2015, the global airlines industry is forecast to have a volume of 3,046.4 million passengers, an increase of 28.4% since 2010.

Domestic is the largest segment of the global airlines industry, accounting for 64% of the industry's total volume.

Americas accounts for 44.4% of the global airlines industry value.

Rivalry in the global airlines industry is strong, due in part to the sheer size of competitors and the difficulties in exiting the industry.

Why you should buy this report * Spot future trends and developments

* Inform your business decisions

* Add weight to presentations and marketing materials

* Save time carrying out entry-level research

Market Definition

The airlines industry comprises passenger air transportation, including both scheduled and chartered, but excludes air freight transport. Industry volumes are defined as the total number of revenue passengers enplaned (departures) at all airports within the country or region, excluding transit passengers who arrive and depart on the same flight code. For the US and Canada, transborder passengers departing from either country are considered as part of the international segment. Industry value is defined as the total revenue obtained by airlines from transporting these passengers. This avoids the double-counting of passengers. All currency conversions in this profile were carried out using constant 2010 average annual exchange rates.TABLE OF CONTENTSEXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2INTRODUCTION 49What is this report about? 49Who is the target reader? 49Market definition 49GLOBAL AIRLINES 50Market overview 50Research highlights 50Market analysis 50Market value 51Market volume 52Market segmentation i 53Market segmentation ii 54Five forces analysis 55Summary 55Buyer power 56Supplier power 57New entrants 59Substitutes 61Rivalry 63Leading companies 65Air France KLM 65British Airways Plc 69Deutsche Lufthansa 73Market forecasts 77Market value forecast 77Market volume forecast 78AIRLINES IN ASIAPACIFIC 79Market overview 79Market value 80Market volume 81Market segmentation i 82Market segmentation ii 83Five forces analysis 84Leading companies 93Market forecasts 109AIRLINES IN EUROPE 111Market overview 111Market value 112Market volume 113Market segmentation i 114Market segmentation ii 115Five forces analysis 116Leading companies 126Market forecasts 142AIRLINES IN AUSTRALIA 144Market overview 144Market value 145Market volume 146Market segmentation i 147Market segmentation ii 148Five forces analysis 149Leading companies 158Market forecasts 167Macroeconomic indicators 169AIRLINES IN BELGIUM 171Market overview 171Market value 172Market volume 173Market segmentation i 174Market segmentation ii 175Five forces analysis 176Leading companies 185Market forecasts 191Macroeconomic indicators 193AIRLINES IN BRAZIL 195Market overview 195Market value 196Market volume 197Market segmentation i 198Market segmentation ii 199Five forces analysis 200Leading companies 209Market forecasts 220Macroeconomic indicators 222AIRLINES IN CANADA 224Market overview 224Market value 225Market volume 226Market segmentation i 227Market segmentation ii 228Five forces analysis 229Leading companies 239Market forecasts 248Macroeconomic indicators 250AIRLINES IN CHINA 252Market overview 252Market value 253Market volume 254Market segmentation i 255Market segmentation ii 256Five forces analysis 257Leading companies 266Market forecasts 277Macroeconomic indicators 279AIRLINES IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC 281Market overview 281Market value 282Market volume 283Market segmentation i 284Market segmentation ii 285Five forces analysis 286Leading companies 295Market forecasts 302Macroeconomic indicators 304AIRLINES IN DENMARK 306Market overview 306Market value 307Market volume 308Market segmentation i 309Market segmentation ii 310Five forces analysis 311Leading companies 320Market forecasts 326Macroeconomic indicators 328AIRLINES IN FRANCE 330Market overview 330Market value 331Market volume 332Market segmentation i 333Market segmentation ii 334Five forces analysis 335Leading companies 345Market forecasts 361Macroeconomic indicators 363AIRLINES IN GERMANY 365Market overview 365Market value 366Market volume 367Market segmentation i 368Market segmentation ii 369Five forces analysis 370Leading companies 380Market forecasts 388Macroeconomic indicators 390AIRLINES IN HUNGARY 392Market overview 392Market value 393Market volume 394Market segmentation i 395Market segmentation ii 396Five forces analysis 397Leading companies 406Market forecasts 411Macroeconomic indicators 413AIRLINES IN INDIA 415Market overview 415Market value 416Market volume 417Market segmentation i 418Market segmentation ii 419Five forces analysis 420Leading companies 430Market forecasts 440Macroeconomic indicators 442AIRLINES IN ITALY 444Market overview 444Market value 445Market volume 446Market segmentation i 447Market segmentation ii 448Five forces analysis 449Leading companies 459Market forecasts 466Macroeconomic indicators 468AIRLINES IN JAPAN 470Market overview 470Market value 471Market volume 472Market segmentation i 473Market segmentation ii 474Five forces analysis 475Leading companies 484Market forecasts 493Macroeconomic indicators 495AIRLINES IN MEXICO 497Market overview 497Market value 498Market volume 499Market segmentation i 500Market segmentation ii 501Five forces analysis 502Leading companies 511Market forecasts 520Macroeconomic indicators 522AIRLINES IN THE NETHERLANDS 524Market overview 524Market value 525Market volume 526Market segmentation i 527Market segmentation ii 528Five forces analysis 529Leading companies 538Market forecasts 549Macroeconomic indicators 551AIRLINES IN NORWAY 553Market overview 553Market value 554Market volume 555Market segmentation i 556Market segmentation ii 557Five forces analysis 558Leading companies 567Market forecasts 576Macroeconomic indicators 578AIRLINES IN POLAND 580Market overview 580Market value 581Market volume 582Market segmentation i 583Market segmentation ii 584Five forces analysis 585Leading companies 595Market forecasts 603Macroeconomic indicators 605AIRLINES IN RUSSIA 607Market overview 607Market value 608Market volume 609Market segmentation i 610Market segmentation ii 611Five forces analysis 612Leading companies 622Market forecasts 627Macroeconomic indicators 629AIRLINES IN SINGAPORE 631Market overview 631Market value 632Market volume 633Market segmentation i 634Market segmentation ii 635Five forces analysis 636Leading companies 645Market forecasts 653Macroeconomic indicators 655AIRLINES IN SOUTH AFRICA 657Market overview 657Market value 658Market volume 659MARKET SEGMENTATION 660Five forces analysis 661Leading companies 671Market forecasts 679Macroeconomic indicators 681AIRLINES IN SOUTH KOREA 683Market overview 683Market value 684Market volume 685Market segmentation i 686Market segmentation ii 687Five forces analysis 688Leading companies 698Market forecasts 706Macroeconomic indicators 708AIRLINES IN SPAIN 710Market overview 710Market value 711Market volume 712Market segmentation i 713Market segmentation ii 714Five forces analysis 715Leading companies 725Market forecasts 731Macroeconomic indicators 733AIRLINES IN SWEDEN 735Market overview 735Market value 736Market volume 737Market segmentation i 738Market segmentation ii 739Five forces analysis 740Leading companies 749Market forecasts 755Macroeconomic indicators 757AIRLINES IN THE UNITED KINGDOM 759Market overview 759Market value 760Market volume 761Market segmentation i 762Market segmentation ii 763Five forces analysis 764Leading companies 774Market forecasts 787Macroeconomic indicators 789AIRLINES IN THE UNITED STATES 791Market overview 791Market value 792Market volume 793Market segmentation i 794Market segmentation ii 795Five forces analysis 796Leading companies 806Market forecasts 817Macroeconomic indicators 819APPENDIX 821Data Research Methodology 821About Datamonitor 822Disclaimer 822

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