AirTronic USA Announces New Company Operations and Imminent Release of Innovative Defense Systems

Sep 22, 2015, 06:00 ET from AirTronic USA

SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- AirTronic USA announces that it has finalized the relocation of their new headquarters facility now located in Spring Branch, Texas. Spring Branch's centralized location facilitates more efficient and effective interaction with strategic partners and customers in the region and on either U.S. coast.

Following the establishment of the new headquarters, the Company has resumed full production status and reinvigorated their corporate R&D department resulting in the imminent release of new systems for use in the defense industry. AirTronic's Precision Shoulder-fired Rocket Launcher systems offer a safe, reliable and effective solution, enhanced by a custom-design sighting system resulting in significantly improved accuracy. Two new rocket launcher designs are under development for U.S. manufacture by Q2, 2016. The first, PSRL-1, emulates the Company's legacy RPG-7 system which is advanced by interlinking the new sighting system. The system will also include an illuminated reticle for use in low light situations. The second, PSRL-2, builds upon the PSRL-1 but features a new innovative design, improving the durability and extending the lifecycle of the launcher. Integrating AirTronic's custom-designed optical sight into a unified system has enabled the PSRL-1 to achieve 90% hit accuracy at 800 meters, more than twice the distance of competitor systems. A live-fire demonstration was performed by a senior military delegation of foreign procurement officers who duplicated the results.

In addition to its core product line of 40 mm grenade and rocket launcher systems, AirTronic is releasing its new line of less than lethal solutions. The latest development, SONIS™ - Stand Off Non-lethal Interdiction System, is used for crowd and conflict control. SONIS™ is expected to reach markets for sale by Q1, 2016. SONIS™ offers the law enforcement community an accurate long-range dispenser, non-lethal solution that is fully compatible with varying types of 40 mm rounds.

About AirTronic USA

AirTronic USA is a privately owned leading U.S. based electro-mechanical engineering design and manufacturing company that specializes in the design, development and manufacture of high-grade, weapons systems renowned for their reliability and dependability. AirTronic offers multiple global defense products to serve both government and commercial clients, and specializes in cutting-edge designs required to meet emerging customer and market demands. Headquartered in Spring Branch, Texas, AirTronic USA, through its foreign distribution channels, operates in North America, Europe and the Middle East/North Africa.