'Akademnuk,' 'Baby3344' and 'Platon33' Chop PokerStars Super Tuesday Jackpot

Mar 14, 2011, 15:07 ET from PokerStars

LONDON, March 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Elite online poker players were out in force for the PokerStars (http://www.pokerstars.com/) Super Tuesday Major earlier this week. The world's biggest online poker site had played host to a record breaking 5th anniversary of the Sunday Million at the weekend where nine players walked away with at least a $263.88 share. There was another $420,000 on offer this time around for the leading 54 players.

Team PokerStars Pros Grayson 'spacegravy' Physio and Mer 'PeachyMer' Brit were among the 420 strong field and the duo dominated the action during the middle of the tournament to post top 50 finishes. Popular poker pros Benjamin 'delaney_kid' Delaney ($3,870) and Matt 'SamENole' Smith ($4,620) also cashed. The final table was eventually set after 'ammaednama's ($5,460) Ace high lost out to 'markux's pocket pair.

'Bingydread' ($6,972) was the first to depart from the leading nine after his top pair lost out to Craig '1GENERAL_TAO' Bergeron's pocket kings. Bergeron also ended 'CardRack570's challenge with a straight. 'CardRack570' ($9,450) had the chance to better his opponents hand on the river with a flush but he failed to connect with any cards and was eliminated in 8th place.

'Markux' had been among the chip leaders when the final table got underway but an ill timed aggressive play saw his otherwise impressive performance come to an end. 'Baby3344' had initally rasied from middle position with pocket eights. 'Markux' ($13,650) sensed an opportunity to put his opponent under significant pressure with pocket threes but 'baby3344' met the call and his higher pair held up and 'markux' had to settle for a five figure pay day.

'AADJWAA' had opened up a healthy chip lead by this point and he eliminated 'general_jim3' soon after. 'General_jim3' ($17,850) had called off all of his chips with Js-7s from an early position. 'AADJWAA' made the call with Ah-2s and the high card Ace prevailed as the action went five handed.

'1GENERAL_TAO' finally met his match when he moved all in on a Ad-6h-4d-Jc-3s board with a complete bluff. 'Baby33344' had called bets on the flop and turn with top pair and he met another generously sized bet on the river as '1GENERAL_TAO' ($23,520) headed for the exit door.

AAJWAA' ($33,600) was the next to fall after re raising all in from the an early position with two pair. 'Baby3444' made the call with a flush and only three remained.

The leading trio then brokered a deal which would see the jackpot split relative to chip stack sizes before playing down to a winner. Chip leader 'Akademnuk' ($67,681) landed the greatest share though 'baby3344' ($59,301) and 'platon33' ($57,565) also took home impressive sums.

The tournament was over only two hands later after all three players called off their entire stacks with non premium cards. 'Adamenuk' was ahead pre flop with Ah-5s and the 3s-5h-Js-7d-4s board failed to hit either 'platon33' (Kd-9d) or 'baby3344' (Ks-2h) as the unknown online poker pro triumphed.

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