Albuquerque Car Rental Rates Triple over Christmas

Dec 15, 2015, 09:00 ET from

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Dec. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Travelers who need a rental car in Albuquerque for Christmas will pay a lot more than usual. According to a new survey from, rental car rates have tripled in New Mexico's largest city during the holidays.

The survey specifically examined the car rental rates of 30 popular U.S. destinations over the prime Christmas season spanning December 23–27, 2015. For each city considered, the rate for the cheapest available rental car was established at the respective airport. 

With a daily rental rate of $61 for the most affordable car, at first glance Albuquerque's car rental rates appear moderate. Compared to regular rates, however, which are less than $20 per day during the winter, the city's Christmas rates represent an increase of over 200%.

Overall, Albuquerque ranks eighth most expensive in the country. The priciest U.S. car rental destination over Christmas is, no surprise, New York City. There renters will have to spend $102 per rental day, double Albuquerque's Christmas rate. 

The biggest rate hike over the holidays occurs in Miami. While in general a renter can find a car for less than $15 in the popular Florida resort city, rates jump to $59 per rental day over the main Christmas holiday season. That figure represents an increase of more than 300%.

The following table shows the 10 U.S. destinations with the highest car rental rates during the Christmas timeframe along with a percentage-wise comparison to regular prices. The rates shown reflect the average daily rate for the cheapest available car during the period spanning December 23 through December 27, 2015. 

Regular rates reflect the average rental car rates for the month of January.

  1. New York City $102 (+114%)
  2. Honolulu $83 (+87%)
  3. Fort Lauderdale $82 (+218%)
  4. Denver $81 (+76%)
  5. Boston $75 (+98%)
  6. Tampa $65 (+233%)
  7. Los Angeles $64 (+175%)
  8. Albuquerque $61 (+214%)
  9. Miami $59 (+321%)
  10. Austin $56 (+26%)

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